Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday- Crosssing the Line? Have I gone Quackers?

Today I went with a friend and took Adam to a big park, It's called "The Crossings" Here is a Moasic of the pictures taken today, except for one was taken yesterday at a different park... Can you tell which one that is? He had a blast, in fact her wore himself out and took a 3 hour nap after we got home. That means he woke up at 8PM... It's gonna be a long night.

The picture in the bottom left corner was to show you the distance I had to walk to get from the park area to the ducks (the pond is about 50 ft past those buildings... and it was maybe 1/4 mile just to the buildings)... it's a very long walk... but I did it. I was hurting by the time I got there but I made it. So things are improving.

Adam, the other boy with us Sam and Sam's mom Trish all got a snack from the vending machines. I passed. I have 3 pounds to lose by Tuesday, not gonna blow it on a sugar treat, that's for sure.

The boy's gave the outing a "Thumbs" up well maybe that should be a "Finger" up. LOL

I must be getting healthier because I am sure just 2 months ago I wouldn't have even considered going to a big park with Adam.

I didn't get too much knitting done. I worked on a dishcloth while at the park, inbetween taking pictures. But that was it. I just can;t decide what I want to work on so I work on NOTHING. This is not helping the Christmas gifts I need to make.

If anyone has any good suggestions for Christmas gifts to make for my nieces and nephews, I am game. Also if anyone finds that Johnny Depp pirate doll pattern please tell me.

I guess that's all for me today. I am going to change Adam into Jammies and hopefully I can get him to go to bed in an hour. We do have church tomorrow, we need our beauty sleep. He doesn't feel good anyway so I think he will go back to sleep.

Good night everyone.


SimplyMe said...

email me if you're up....maybe the noisy hose will put him to sleep!

WTG on all that walking...and the pic from yesterday is the one in the blue shirt...different clothes.

I'm so proud of you!

leah said...

Wow! Sounds like a super day! Way to go on the walking!!!

Maria said...

That pirate doll is in Claire Garland's book Dream Toys.I will send you a message with the link.!!!!! Also look on ravelry under Knitted Babes, Claire Garland, pirates etc.

sailorcross said...

Hi Kathy!!

So glad you had a good time at the park! Sounds like your health and your stamina are improving thanks to all your hard work! Way to go!!

The picture from another park visit is the one in the upper left hand corner--different shirt--unless Adam changed clothes mid-park visit!

I just looked on Ravelry, and there is a basic doll pattern that you could use and then dress to whatever specs you wanted to make Johnny Depp--Pirate.

How old are your nieces and nephews that you need to make Christmas gifts for? Let me know--I'll try to come with some ideas for you.


Wendy said...

great job on the walking. I was in bed by 9:30 last night but up every 2 I feel like crud and am soo soo tired...
Hope you have a great day today.........

Unknown said...

Hey, you're getting there. Way to go!!!

For Christmas presents: easy fingerless gloves are great. I make them and my kids all want a pair (5, 8, and 15) the younger ones don't care.
You could make bath kits for them, too. I don't know ages here, but you could make a basket, put in a soft cloth with bath items depending on age. Or do the same if you know of a fav food: maybe an ice cream or cookie basket?
If any of them like to read, you could make a few book covers with a favorite book in them. Market bags? They could use those for anything!
If I have any more ideas, I will let you know!

Lil Knitter said...

You did good with all the walking...WTG! Looks like a fun day.

I found that pirate doll. Dread Priate Sam from Amy Shimel...I'll email ya the link.


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