Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday- SIGH it's almost over already

Well my trip to AC Moore's the other day also landed me these two critters.

The cat is for Adam. He decided his other beany baby kitty "Whiskers" needed a brother to play with. This was the one I found. After I got home I read the tag... I think this kitty was the "puurrrfect" choice for Adam, here is what it said

A squeaky toy or a ball of string
I'll play with almost anything
But my favorite thing to do
Is snuggle up and nap with you

Adam loves to play with my ball sof yarn and snuggle up in bed with me. Yep the perfect match. LOL

The sheep (ram...whatever) is for me. I don;t know what possessed me to buy it, but I had to, lol
Now look what my tag read

I like to bank my head, it's true
'Cause it's the ram-like thing to do
I like to bang it in the yard
Good thing for me my head's so hard !

Now being that I bought this only days after banging my head with a falling chimney it looks like this sheep was made just foe me, as we both have hard heads.

It's almost midnight so this is all I have for today. Long day and I am tired. I have chlorine eye burn again. Adam and I were BIG POOLING it after church today.

See you on Monday



Lil Knitter said...

Those beanie babies are so cute. I think you're right...they were the perfect ones for both of you.
You might need to invest in some swim goggles...that chlorine is awful stuff.

Katie O said...

they are very cute... i'm sure adam will love the kitty!!! I hope you had fun at the pool despite the eye burn... :) hugs

sailorcross said...

Little beanie babies!! They are so cute and just the right ones for you and Adam. My girls still have the ones from when they were small--how many years ago was that?? Too many to think about.

I think lil knitter may be right--you may just want to get some googles for those poor eyes!! Before you know it, you won't be able to see to knit--then what will you do??


Unknown said...

Chlorine eyes . . . yuck. I remember when I used to teach swimming and my eyes were always "pink."

The beanie babies are great and perfect for both of you.

Turtle said...

they're both so cute!

Kenyetta said...

I love beanie babies!

smariek said...

How cute! Yep, they're a perfect match for both of you.

hakucho said...

Great choices and oh, so very cute :)

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