Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday- Blue Toes and Pink Christmas?

Well it was pretty cold here this morning. Almost cold enough to pass for winter. I decided to put on my socks as my feet and toes were freezing. But I could only find one sock. I put it on my left foot and it warmed right up but the right foot was still very cold. I think the toes actually turned blue and we all know blue is Shelly's favorite color, not mine. I tried switching the sock to the other foot but then both feet just stayed cold. I eventually found the match much later, the funeral for my right big toe that fell off will be Friday at 9am if you want to come, lol.

With the chilly weather I started thinking about Christmas fast approaching. I haven't decorated in years, but as I was looking on Flickr today I came across these PINK Christmas tree and decorations. OK I'll decorate if this is what I have to work with.

There were several comments made about the Avon breast cancer water bottle. I can get these for anyone who wants them.

Stay cool while showing your support. 16 oz. sports bottle with pop-up drink spout. Plastic.

Our Avon family leads the fight against breast cancer by walking, buying pink ribbon products and now by joining the Love/Avon Army of Women. Together we will go beyond a cure and end breast cancer.

It's not in the book yet I got mine off of the demo. I expect them to be available within the month. If anyone wants one please email me and I can make the arrangements. The cost for the bottle is $5.00. Avon donates 100% of profits on any BC purchase to the Breast Cancer crusade.

I made it to my first support group tonight. It was fun. The chairs were uncomfortable but not too bad. One more to go and a few more pounds and we can schedule the surgery.

My son has a friend in college who is doing an art piece on making an article of clothing. She needs hep so she will come here Saturday so I can help her read a pattern to make a shrug.

Adam comes tomorrow. His birthday is Saturday. Hard to believe he is 4 already, he is growing up very fast.

I know it's almost over but my thoughts on 9-11. I know it was a tragic time for many and of course we all remember those innocent victims and courageous heroes. But what I remember most about this day is not the bad but the good. I remember that in our worst hours people pulled together for loved ones and for strangers. For once we really seemed to live up to the motto "One Nation Under God" people openly prayed and reached out and for nothing in return GAVE and GAVE, This is what I choose to remember and celebrate. This is my prayer that we never forget to be generous and caring and unashamed of our faith, and proud of our freedom and country.

Ok almost midnight... I am off to bed. A long weekend awaits me. Sweet dreams.


sailorcross said...

You'd better knit yourself some socks guick!! I don't want your toes to fall off!!

9-11--We all wore red, white and blue yesterday at my work to commemorate this day. We talked about where we were when we heard this news and how we still feel about all of this. A good discussion considering some are always at odds with one another at my workplace.

Are you having a little party for Adam for his B-day? 4 years old--so much fun!!

Tonight is "Warm Heart Cafe". I'm planning on going, but I'm so tired. Hopefully, I'll get some energy because I really want to go--and with the name it sounds like it should be "my place"!

Did you get the pattern that I sent you?


Prayer Journal should be up and running by Saturday afternoon. Do you want an invite?

Have a wonderful rest of the day and I'll talk to you later!

Jane said...

Well - you just have to knit up another sock for yourself! Those decorations are pretty. I admit I dread the Christmas decorations more and more each year - put them up, take them down LOL. But I do it anyway - although they get less and less each year.

Unknown said...

The pink Christmas is fun and would be a bright kind of holiday fun!

It is rainy but warm in Cleveland today (or at least it was when I came into work).

What kind of surgery are you going to have? I should have asked before when you mentioned it, but didn't. I apologize.

Unknown said...

Great post. I agree that the good that came out of 9/11 is what I like to think about. I just wish our country could get back to that.


Wendy said...

Your poor feet. I know what you mean, it has been getting VERY chilly here at night, and the mornings start that way, then warm up to the 70's which I love. Fall is definetly in the air, the leaves are turning and already falling, the grapes are ready to pick, and the pumpkins are turning orange....
I use to love to decorate for Christmas. went all out, but have lost that joy, but still try to do some for the kids.
I love that water bottle, but if I was to say I wanted one, then something would go wrong, AGAIN, and I would have no money to pay for it, so I will just think of it...
Big Hugs

leah said...

A pink Christmas sounds fun!

Lil Knitter said...

I never thought of using pink at Christmas but that looks so pretty.

Awesome! You can get the bottles...gotta email you on that one!

9/11 was on my mind all day. I know it's been 7 years but it's something we should never forget. I had a candle lit all day as a reminder.


Unknown said...

Yep, I want one of those water bottles. I decorated for Christmas once in pinks/purples. Don't know why hubby allowed it, but it was very pretty.

give Adam lots of hugs and kisses for his birthday.

Kenyetta said...

I love the pink tree!

magnoliasntea said...

Sorry to hear you lost your big Good one!

Give Adam a big ol' Southern Happy Birthday hug for me.

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