Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday- Yes It's Still Friday Here for 25 Minutes

Well I have been BUSY BUSY today. I told myself I couldn't blog until I made some important phone calls I have been procrastinating about. Then it was time for Adam to get here from the bus and we went straight to the BIG POOL. We were there for 3 hours swimming. Got home at 4pm and guess who was too tired to even read email? Of course it didn't help that my eyes were red from all the chlorine, Adam had me diving for rings for an hour at least, LOL

So this is a short quick, get it done blog before Saturday arrives.

I bought myself some yarn yesterday while at AC Moore's. Mostly cotton but a new Patons wool Merino, man I love this stuff. I might try to felt a bag with this one. The color is awesome.

While in the Patons isle I came across some stretchy sock yarn. This color is called SUGAR. I got enough for a pair of socks. Now to find a perfect pattern to go with the yarn.

The dish rag tag box did NOT arrive today. Looks like it will come tomorrow and since the mail comes late in the day it won;t get mailed back until Monday, bummer. I sure hope it arrives tomorrow.

Thanks for helping me decide on the gift for the box, looks like the needle protectors were the popular choice, and I think the purple bag. I really needed your help and you came through.

Ok 25 minutes left in the day... should I eat dinner finally or just call it a night?


Awesome Mom said...

I love Paton's it is a huge part of my stash. I made a scarf with that colorway.

Wendy said...

Kathy you have been tagged by me...go to my blog and check it out...

Lil Knitter said...

I like that sock yarn and that colorway.
I hope your box gets there soon...I had the same problem...took way too long to get to me.

Anonymous said...

3 hours in the pool!!! No wonder you were shattered! Bet the little guy passed out too didn't he?

sailorcross said...

Oh Kathy!!

I know you post every day, and i kept looking for you (in between sleeps), and I was worried!! Your post is always here when I get home from work.

I'm so glad you were just busy and tired!! That is a good thing!

I love that Patons stretch sock yarn. I've never seen it in the AC Moore near me, but then again it seems as though there stock is getting less and less.

Hope your DRT box arrives today!!


Unknown said...

Don't you just love to buy yarn? I went to JoAnn's the other day and spent $35. I found the new Culinary colors in SnC, very nice!!
Paton's Wool felts very nicely. I made a Lucy Bag out of it, and a Big Bag, also felted. I love felted bags.
And the sock yarn looks yummy. I might have to get me some of that.

Did you get the blue in RH yet for the Special Olympics Scarf?

Anonymous said...

You are lucky to live close to a craft store. The nearest one to me is over 2 hours away. I end up ordering my yarn from knitpicks or elann since I don't get away much.

ilovesf said...

AK, wished I knew something about yarn. I know that Adam had you moving there. You are an awesome Nana (my mom was a nana too.)

Love your patterns of dish towels. I finally broke down and started using mine that you gave me instead of showing everyone how beautiful they are. I love them. Everytime I use them a prayer goes up for you.


Kenyetta said...

Get some rest!
I have almost all of the colors of cotton you picked up- I love the S&C stripes!
Your patons yarn- both colors are so pretty!
I love felting- make a bag!

Jane said...

Paton's is my favorite yarn for felting, and just about anyting else. I have that very yarn that you bought. And who can resist all of those great colors in the dishcloth cotton? I haven't seen that Paton's sock yarn yet though.

hakucho said...

Have fun with all your new yarn :)

I have never seen that sock yarn before. It's been ages since I've been to my AC Moore. In the past they have never had much in the way of sock yarn. I bet that stretchy yarn will make a great pair of socks!
I guess I need to work in a trip to AcMoore soon ;)

Enjoy :)

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