Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday- I Don't Have An Addiction, Do You?

I saw this on another blog and followed the link to the creator of this cartoon. I love it. If you click on the cartoon it will take you to her blog and she is offering this as free wallpaper for your computer if you want. How cool is that?

It's been a LONG day for me and I am actually calling it an early night. I can barely keep my eyes open.

Actually I need to get in the habit of posting earlier anyway since the contest starts on Wednesday and I like to post in the mornings for contest months.

I did go to the Y today and swam for 3 hours and I plan on going again in the morning. Hoping the exercise will put me into a better mood and clear my head. I expect tomorrow to be the hardest, but GOD is my strength and HE never gives us more then we can handle.

I was working on test knitting MaryAnn's gloves and I am to the fingers. But they will have to wait until tomorrow as I am going to bed. Really Shelly... I am turning off the light and going to bed.

Good night everyone


leah said...

Love the comic!!! May have to put it on my blog!

smariek said...

The hardest thing to do is going to bed, even when we're tired, because there is always so many other things we want to do!!! Hope you sleep well.

Love that cartoon!

SimplyMe said...

Yeah, and then I forget to look at the blog to see if you were in bed. The NERVE of some people.

What addiction? The fiber or the chocolate? Hummmmm, which has the stronger hold? Yeah, there's something I don't want to address!

(swept thought right under the rug)

You're gonna be just fine tomorrow.

love ya!

sailorcross said...

Oh, I'm definitely addicted. But, at least it a relatively harmless addiction!!

Go to bed, get some rest--I'll talk to you later. You know where I am, right?


Kenyetta said...

I wish I had followed your advice last night, but I only had 2 rows left to do!

Unknown said...

I'll be praying for you! Have a good day.

hakucho said...

Awesome cartoon :)

Lil Knitter said...

That is too cute...would definitely make awesome wallpaper.
Hope you rested well. Cant' wait to see those gloves.

Anonymous said...

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