Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday- Sweet Sixteens are Steadly Advancing

My DRT (dish rag tag) package arrived today. it came late, almost 4PM so no chance of mailing it back out today. But the box will be in the mail first thing Monday morning.

This is the yarn enclosed for my to knit up the secret pattern with, see the pattern folded up there? The needles are mine. See we even have a team LOGO, lol. We are serious about winning, LOL

This picture is of the goodies Kathy from NC included in the box for me. a set of stitch markers which I used right away on the secret pattern. A scrubbie, that I MUST find out what material it was made with, it's awesome. the texture is hard to describe. It's stretchy and almost feels like it's coated with something. And a travel bag. When folded up in the pouch it's about 4x4 in size, but when opened it's like a medium tote bag, and it stays attached to the pouch, which becomes like a little pocket. I love it and can definitely use it.
This dishcloth is the one Kathy in NC made for me from the yarn enclosed in her package. It's pink, could I have gotten any luckier with that???
And yes I am all done, here is my knitted dishcloth. it was a pretty easy and fast pattern to knit. I wish the post office was open on Sunday's. Get ready Jessica, you're next and I am ready to ship.
Spent the rainy day (Hannah after effects) with Adam. We built puzzles, sang songs, snuggled and somehow when I wasn't looking he managed to apply some face paint to himself. I think it was crayon but not sure. It's washed off now, but isn't my little clown cute?

By the way that's Oreo cookies on his lips not ink or crayon, I just noticed that. he is asleep now and I think I will follow suit. He wants to come to church again tomorrow, this is GREAT news for me. After church we are planning another trip to the BIG POOL. Then he has to go home because he will have school on Monday.

I still have other things to share, tomorrow though. Probably another later in the day post too. But no worries, I am committed to post everyday this year, so I will be here even if it's 11:59 PM

Good night and sweet dreams



smariek said...

That's so cool that you have your own team logo, and it's cute too! too bad the PO isn't open Sundays. Good luck with DRT!

Lil Knitter said...

Yay, it finally arrived! Good luck...hope it travels faster to the next stop.
I love that scrubbie! Hope she'll share the pattern.
Adam is too cute. Hey, any Oreos left? I haven't had those in a long time.

Bubblesknits said...

Way to go! I've had so much fun watching the dishcloths travel around. :-) I'm the last stop on my team.


sailorcross said...

Go Sweet Sixteens!! Wait a minute--what am I saying--I'm on another team!!

Oh well--I'll cheer you on anyway!! The dishcloth turned out beautifully. You did a wonderful job!! Wasn't too hard, was it?

I should be getting mine soon--can't wait--I have 3 different yarns picked out to ship away and can't decide which. I think I'll just put them in a bag, close my eyes and whatever one I pull out--that will be the one.

Adam is such a doll baby! I haven't had an Oreo in I can't tell you how long!


hakucho said...

Wow you sure are a speed knit that cloth soooo fast! It's beautiful :)

Go sweet sixteens :)

Unknown said...

You got an awesome package from your DRT. I'm next on the list for my team. guess I'll be making a cloth sometime soon this week.
I like the scrubbie too. And your cloth looks great. Thanks for showing it off, it almost looks like 2 different patterns with the variegated and solid.

Kenyetta said...

Dish Rag Tag sounds like fun!

Anonymous said...

Dish Rag Tag IS fun! The scrubbie is one of Rhonda White's patterns (search for her on Ravelry). It is made with nylon yarn used for plastic canvas cross stitch/embroidery. It is hard on the hands to knit with, but it scrubs amazingly, and will last forever! Glad you are enjoying it!

Jane said...

Good turnaround on the cloth! And nice goodies too!

Turtle said...

how cool! i do wish i had signed up but did not know how it really worked. Next round!

magnoliasntea said...

Oh cool, your box is moving along nicely. And your gifts are VERY cool! I'm glad you got a tote. That scrubbie is nifty, too.
Love them oreos.

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