Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday- Grandparents Day

Well today was Grandparents day at Adams preschool. I drove and brought his other grandma he calls her Janmum. We got there and Adam ran right to me. The teacher said Adam could barely sit still knowing Nana was coming to school. The teacher took this picture for me. See how big I am, well you won't be seeing that for much longer, thank God.
We did go out into the play yard for a little while. The teachers made sure to put sunscreen on all the kids before they could go outside. Adam was playing in this little play house and had a blast. Isn't this a great picture. I think it will be one of my favorites.

Here is the whole class getting ready for snack time. There are 6 kids , 5 boys and 1 girl. Notice she is sitting next to Adam? Uh oh he is is fathers son. Watch out ladies.
Yesterday Adam and his class went apple picking. So today was all about Apples. First they played a game. They laid this tree on the floor and poured 3 colors of pompoms (red, yellow and green) to represent the apples they picked, and they have 3 color coordinated bowls and plastic tweezer like tongs. The kids took turns picking up a pompom with the tweezers and dropping it in the matching bowl. Adam did all yellow. I don't think any of the kids picked green, weird huh?
After the game they divided the kids into 2 groups of three. One group had a taste test with hot and cold Apple cider. Oddly all the kids said they preferred the hot cider. The other group had an apple taste test, they each got a slice of a red, yellow and green apple and they put a smiley face on a chart if they liked them. All colors got a smiley face. Then they switched.

The kids also sang a song about apples... I video taped that so here it is. Hope it makes you smile, it sure made me smile.

I didn't get in any knitting today except for the lines on the KAL I am working on. I did get in a lot of walking though. Long day and I am tired again. I have much more energy but I am tired when night time arrives for sure.

Have a great night and see you all tomorrow.

Enjoy a delicious apple and think of Adam.



SimplyMe said...

So that's Janmum. Well, he seems sure glad to see his nana!! But what's with the red pants. LOOSE those this weekend, okay? Cute song.

Hummmm, he's the ladies man. Oh dar.

Yes, you look thinner. Would you give it a rest. You look great.

Yeah, no wonder he ran straight to you, you're the SMILING grandparent. Who DOESN'T want one of those?!?

Lil Knitter said...

Fun day! My kids always loved to have lunch with Grandma.

And...YEAH! What Shelly said! You look great. Love that dress.

sailorcross said...

Grandparents' Day looks like so much fun!!

I just want you to know this--your smile is worth more than a million dollars to me!! When I look at you and see that smile, you just make me smile--even if I really don't feel like it.

And what I said yesterday--about 40 pounds--oops, I weighed myself yesterday at work--make that more like 60--maybe even 65! How did that happen?

So, can I be in on this with you?

Need to think of a way to make myself accountable--we could be accountability partners--although you seem to be doing well without one!

Get some sleep, some rest--talk to you later.


Kenyetta said...

Beautiful picture! She looks miserable btw.

Unknown said...

I am so glad you had a fun day. Adam was just beaming in every picture. He really loves you, and it shows.

You have a great day!!!

Anonymous said...

That looks like it was a blast! Your grandson is so cute! Keep taking care of yourself, eyes on the prize!

leah said...

Adam is blessed to have such an amazing Grandma who cares for him and wants the best for him!

RoamingKnitter said...

Looks like you had a fun time with Adam at school. I like the apple tree lesson. That was a good idea on the teacher's part.

You are looking good and on track to looking better.

smariek said...

What a fun day. You look great! Love love love the smile on your face.

Jane said...

What a wonderful day! We should have a grandparents day at our school. I taught kindergarten for 20 years before I finally graduated to 2nd grade LOL - and I used that apple poem with my class every year too!
You look marvelous!!!!!!!!!

Jane said...

Oh, BTW -I love your bag! >VBG<

hakucho said...

Oh what a fun day...lucky you :)

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