Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday- Diamonds, Dew Drops and Demonstrations

This is a quick picture of the dishcloth I designed yesterday. I am calling it "Diamonds and Dew Drops"
This is not what I was setting out to design but it's what came out of my head as I knitted. So what do you think?


Ok back to my sons art project. The way his mind works is amazing sometimes. These kite like looking boxes are supposed to represent the human body. The sacks in the middle are weights, as in if the person was overweight and in need of a Gastric Bypass Surgery (I apparently was his inspiration... sad but true)
Anyway the demonstration of the art project was to sort of show a patient DR relationship. The patient (the overweight person) in order to qualify for the surgery has to lose 10% of their body weight, hence the weights in the middle of the model.
The person in need of the surgery is the person lifting the weights up, as they are the one who has to do all the work to prepare for the surgery. Once the weights are lifted the person lifting them can no longer see what's happening because their view is blocked. This is where the DR's part takes place.

A second person reaches into the bottom of the model to look at information pertaining to the surgery and all the hoops you must hop through to have it scheduled. The overweight person still has to hold the weights up while the second person looks at the materials. One box had paper materials and the other had a video on Gastric Bypass Surgery playing that the person could watch.
It was a trust relationship on both sides. The DR trusted the patient to keep their end of the bargain and keep the weight off prior to surgery, and the patient trusted the DR to know what he was doing during the surgery since they could not see what was being done.

I probably didn't explain that exactly right, but hopefully you get the drift of his idea. It went off without a hitch and was well received by both the other students and the professor.

Spider update, no more have been spotted, and I am spider bite free. Yay. Can't say that I haven't been keeping my eyes open looking just in case though.

I had a great visit today from my "other daughter" Jen, it was a surprise I was not expecting her. She stopped by yesterday but I missed her, and was sad. We sat in my messy kitchen and talked for a couple hours and she never said a word about it. She will head home for Louisiana this weekend. It's been years since I have seen her so this was a GREAT day.

Lastly in case she happens to read my blog today...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCIA (my MIL in case you are wondering)

OK that's about it for me tonight, see you all tomorrow after swimming and church.


leah said...

Your dishcloth looks awesome! Clever name too!

Wendy said...

That is so wonderful that you got to see Jen and had a nice visit.
I love the dishcloth...Very nice job........and very good explaining on the art project....
Big chilly Hugs

Lil Knitter said...

Love the dishcloth! I knew it would be good. ;)
Your son is very creative. I'm glad you explained cuz I am not that creative and never would have figured it out. lol
YAY...no more spiders!!!

Unknown said...

that is an awesome cloth. Love it.
I like your son's art project too. My hubby is an artist (I use the term loosely, but he does have a degree in fine art) and he would really appreciate it. I don't get modern art a lot, your explanation helped.
Well, got to go to bed, it's waaay past my bedtime. Night!

sailorcross said...

Wow!! I love that cloth, and I love the name--fits it perfectly!

Are you going to post the instructions or are they a secret?

As for your son's creation, I have to say that he put a lot of thought into this. He must have an abstract way of thinking while mine is definitely more concrete.

Now, that you have explained it, I can picture it perfectly! Isn't it wonderful how God has given us each different ways of thinking and perceiving things?

And, as I look as these works of art by your son, I can see what a great encourager he is to you, how supportive he is of you. How wonderful!!

Have a blessed rest of the day!


And I almost forgot--YEAH!! No more spiders seen!!

Jane said...

I love the pattern! Are you sharing? Your son's project is amazing - how creative! I see a connection between your creativity and his!
Spiders be gone!!!!

Unknown said...

Love the pattern. I really like the way you explained your son's art project....I REALLY like it. I'm so proud of you for taking this step in your life.


RoamingKnitter said...

I'll add my wishes to yours, Happy Birthday Marcia!

The cloth is beautiful with a perfect name. Good work.

I like the thinking your son put into his art work. It truly is a lot more interesting to look at than some dry anatomy thing, too.

Glad you had a good visit with your daughter and hope her trip home goes well.

teabird said...

The cloth and the name are wonderful - you are so creative!

Anonymous said...

love the cloth. you do live in Watervliet, NY 12189-3911? would love to send you something special ;)

Maria said...

Pretty dishcloth! I like the color, too! Your son has illustrated a very nice interpretation of the process you are and will be experiencing! Very thoughtful!

smariek said...

Love the new dishcloth.

Your son's art project is very interesting and creative!

Happy to hear you've spotted no spiders, hope it stays that way. I don't like spiders either.

Kenyetta said...

I love the cloth!
Great concept on the project too

Unknown said...

The project is great and your son is very creative in thinking beyond the norm. I have a very good friend that had bariatric surgery and she said that the only thing she regrets is that she didn't have it sooner. I would except my insurance company won't cover it. Although there has been an ongoing pressure by some people that they may rethink the whole thing.

hakucho said...

Your photo of your cloth is not loading for me :( I love to see new designs....

I'll have to come back later to see.

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