Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday- Fun Stuff

Here is my birthday prince right off the bus this afternoon.
Yesterday I received my prize package from WhoDuKnit... we all did a virtual tour of where we lived and then answered some questions about it and I won the prize, it's awesome.

A felted bag
A book written by the women we came to know through the movie "The Perfect Storm" a cookbook full of Maine recipies, a 10 page mini scrapbooking kit, some Patons yarn, 4 gift cards
Prospect harbor soap and a lighthouse figurine.
It's all Maine related as is our WhoDuKnit leader Jane. I love it all, thank you very much.

Adam worked on his floor puzzle today, he put the whole thing together all by himself. He was so excited about that. It's still covering 75% of the living room floor. LOL
Today I received my bag from Bea... I couldn't decide between two bags so I told her to surprise me and she did. She sent me both of them. Thank you so much Bea, you are incredible.

Bag #1 (note Bea's pictures are much better then mine you should look at them on her blog)
The inside of Bag #1 (there are reversable)
Bag #2... already holding those socks I started last month that I haven't worked on in forever. Maybe now that they are in this beautiful project bag I'll feel like finishing them.

My crocheting teaching date for tomorrow has been canceled so I think that means Adam and I can go to the pool for a swim in the morning. His birthday party is at 3PM.

Right now I think I will head off to bed while he is asleep too. I have him on the couch tonight, I just need some room, but I bet I'll wake up to a snuggling 4 year old in the morning just the same.

Sweet dreams, see you tomorrow


sailorcross said...

What beautiful prizes you've received!! I love the felted bag and the lighthouse figurine in particular. I'm a lighthouse fanatic, myself. You know who it reminds me of!!

Have a good rest and fun at Adam's party!!


Kenyetta said...

Happy Birthday Adam!
I love all of your gifts!

Jane said...

I'm glad that you liked everything!
With all those bags you can have many projects going at the same time!

Maria said...

Wow! Awesome gift! Happy Birthday to Adam! Have a great swim today!

leah said...

Happy B-day Adam!

Marti said...

I often wake up with a 4 year old in my bed. DH works 12 hour night shifts so I don't mind to much!
Love the lighthouse! My bathroom is lighthouses!
Have a great weekend!

Bea said...

You're welcome! I'm glad you like them.

Happy Birthday Adam!!

hakucho said...

Happy Birthday Adam...a little late!

Love that felted bag. It's awesome :)

Lil Knitter said...

Happy Late B'day to the little man!
Congrats on your goodies...nice prize package. I love those bags! You are so lucky!

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