Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday- September 18, now known as "The Day Of The Machines"

Well September 18th will forever be known as "The Day of The Machines" mark it in your calendars people.

I forgot to bring my camera to take real pictures of the Monsters I tackled today at my first Clinic, on land, therapy session. But I will next visit. I searched the Internet for some pictures and these are just a couple that looked semi like the actual demons.

First the TREADMILL... never walked on one of these babies before.

Now it is known that I am a klutz, so I had many fears about this machine. First fear, I don't wear pants, I always wear a dress or a skirt. Not a good idea while walking on an exercise machine that plugs in to a power source, huh? Visions of the hem of my skirt getting caught in the moving track ripping the skirt from me and leaving me standing there partially nude. I found a pair of pants 5 minutes before I left so it was all good. I only did 2 1/2 minutes on the treadmill (which I have not assigned a name yet, any ideas?) but she wanted me to start out slow.

I also worked on the recumbent bike for 4 minutes and some arm machine that is like a bicycle for arms for 4 minutes, and a few other weight lifting arm things.

Including these hand held dumbbells. They were the easiest part of the 30 minute workout.

After the therapy session I took a wrong turn and ended up driving home the long way, so since I wasn't on the highway I decided to drive thru Wendy's for lunch. {{{gasp}}} but I had a side tossed salad and a baked potato with broccoli and cheese and ice water. It was delicious.

I went to my second support group tonight and afterward we found ourselves in the drive thru at Burger King {{{gasp again}}} this time I only ordered a side salad and when I got home I made some tuna fish to go with it. If you ask me I would say this was a PERFECT day.

The only bad thing is this thing on my finger. No I am not flipping you off, it just happens to be my middle finger. It started with a reddish bump, kind of like a callus, but it hurt to touch. Now it's red all around with a whitish/greenish blister thing now on the side next to the fingernail. Still hurts too. I think it's infected... can you tell from this picture? Any ideas on what I should do about it?

I was gonna post the poll today, but honestly it's late and I am not ready. I guess tomorrow it has to be.

Adam comes tomorrow and I'll be taking him to the pool for an afternoon swim.

Thanks for the nice comments by the way on my sons art project and my new dishcloth design.

And the encouraging words on my weight loss efforts and the support for the upcoming surgery. I am really excited and hope that Tuesday when I see the surgeons PA it will involve scheduling my surgery date and that that date will be on November 5th... my birthday.

Have a wonderful night, remember the choices you make today will shape your tomorrows.



Awesome Mom said...

That is my mom's birthday too! Good luck with your surgery!

It looks like that the finger might be infected, but I would just wait it out and see how bad it gets. I used to get my big toes infected a lot (until I figured out that wearing high heels was the cause of the reoccurring infection)and the first few times I went to the doctors and had it drained and they gave me antibiotics. I got tired of it so I just let it go and eventually the toe would heal with no fuss. I think that sometimes doctors are a little too willing to go all out for minor things.

SimplyMe said...

CALL THE DOC....that's what you should do with the finger. Or stick it in somebody's eye, bwahahahaha, just not mine. Oh dear, I gotta go to bed.

Sweet dreams

Or go with what she said. That's what you're gonna do.

go put neosporin on it and forget it


we could cut it off


I donno

Put me to bed?

sailorcross said...

Awesome job with all of that monster equipment!! It can be a little scary, I think. I went to a gym, two or three times (I think) with a friend and we spent too much time laughing at each other and didn't get anything accomplished. But, I DID NOT like the treadmill!!

But, if I had stuck with this, as you are, maybe I would have gotten the hang of these things!!

Your finger--I would soak it several times a day in some warm water, put on some neosporin and a bandaid. If that doesn't help, then you know what you have to do!

November 5, huh? My birthday is November 13. I didn't know our b'days were so close!!

Now, I have 2 days to mark on my calender--yesterday (the new national holiday) and your b'day!


WOO HOO!! Look at all the followers you have!!

Unknown said...

sounds like you had a busy day!
I can see the treadmill incident in my head...and though it's funny, it would only be funny if it happened to someone else!

As for your finger: go to the DR!! Did you have an open cut? Did it happen after therapy?
I have this irrational fear of weird things (too many Dr. shows on the health channel)....but if you had an open cut and were using equipment that other people used, I might be worried. I don't want to scare you or anything, but seriously. If it's something bad, get it taken care of immediately!! It's better to have the Dr. just tell you to keep it clean and dry then to find out weeks later that you have a serious blood infection or something.

Keep us updated. Things like that really keep me worried.

Have a great day with Adam!

RoamingKnitter said...

You could call the treadmill "Dandy" since it is leading to a dandy new you! The bike can be called "The Dragon" and you are a dragon rider. No matter what you call the equipment, you are on the way to the new you.

If my finger looked like that, I would start soaking it in hot water with dish detergent in it, then put on an antibiotic cream and a bandaid. If it doesn't improve quickly then it is time to see the doctor.

Hope today is as great as yesterday was.

danielle said...

Cant tell from the foto - could there be a splinter or a rose thorn type of thing in there? You can try soaking it....warm salt water or warm epson salts. If you are diabetic or anything, you should have it seen. If it were on me and the soaking didnt work, I would probably pop it open and then bandage it up with antibiotic ointment - but I do not have any other underlying health problems!

Kathy - didnt you see my posting in whoduknit and on the blog about this awesome yard sale swap package I recieved??????? Thank you very much!

Unknown said...

I'm with Danielle. I would pop the baby, wash it well, soak in peroxide and then dry well, neosporine and bandaid. It will feel so much better once it is drained.

You are a brave woman facing the dreaded treadmill. I have one of those on the floor below my office. I walk passed it at least once a day (sometimes twice).

I was actually thinking about using it . . . maybe tomorrow.

You are an incredible person to get a salad. or even the baked potato. Mine would have had butter and sour cream.

Take care of yourself.

hakucho said...

Your poor finger ouch!!Have you tried soaking it in hot(warm) water? That and bacitracin or neopsorin is good. But when in doubt get it checked out!!

smariek said...

I hope your finger feels better today. Have a wonderful weekend!

Jane said...

I agree - very brave! Hey - guess what - you share the same birthday as my DH. So now I know it is going to be your lucky day!!!!!

Kenyetta said...

Keep up the good work!
Your finger, looks like it needs to be drained, if I was there I would lance it with a scalp to get the pus out.
go see a doctor

Lil Knitter said...

Your willpower is just amazing...I totally would have given in at Wendys.
Sorry about your finger...hope it feels better soon.

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