Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday- Tooting My Horn... CONTEST Starts Today

Well today I decided to try on some new clothes. I figured I had better after the fiasco of the moon over the cafeteria yesterday. So I went through a bag of clothes my friend Kathy had given me. There were several pairs of jeans in there, I tried one pair but I couldn't button them, but I am still swollen from surgery and have this girdle thing on. So I wasn't too bummed. Then I saw these Khaki pants. I wasn't gonna try them on, for sure they wouldn't fit, BUT I did anyway. And they FIT. I actually got on button and zipper pants. I haven't done that in well over 10 years.
So here are the pictures for those that have been asking for one. Notice that lap? Yeah I have a lap now. It seems weird to have a place to set my hands when I sit now. It's the little things that make me happy.This is the dishcloth and earrrings Anne gave me when we had coffee over the weekend. I forgot to post them before. Aren't they lovely? I can't wait to wear the earrings, I am thinking maybe tomorrow when I go to the doctors for my appointment.
OK It's September 1st, that means my contest starts today. Of course I am so not ready. I do know that I will have a weekly winner announced on Monday's until the month is over. I also know that the prize will be one of two things... Your choice of a dishcloth pattern from Rachel Knits website, so you can knit up one of her awesome patters, or for the non-knitters I will KNIT you 2 dishcloths from the pattern of your choice from Rachel's website. This way everyone wins, whether you are a knitter or not. So please go check out Rachel's website and start marking down your favorites, I am pretty sure you will have more than one that you will have to have.
Now the WHAT part of the contest. I think I'll post a part of a picture and see if you can figure out what it is? You know like an eyeball bender kind of thing. Are you ready, Freddy? Take a look at this photo and post your guess in the comment section. The first correct guess will get 2 entries for today, everyone else who guesses will get one entry, right or wrong. So there is no pressure, you can all have a chance. A hint... It does NOT have anything to do with knittingNow make sure to send your friends over to play too. The more people commenting the more I LOVE to have contests, you know?
Ok I am going to start getting ready for bed... early day tomorrow, then church tomorrow night. Have a great night everyone, sleep tight and sweet dreams.


Marissa said...

You look mahvelous, dahling! Love the lap! Love the new duds- you really needed that! What I really love though, is your attitude, and to hear the pride in your..well, if not voice, then words.
My guess on the speckled yellow thing...a banana? It's always food with me...

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

A Sponge or a squash? Hugs Darcy

Libby's Library said...

You look absolutely fantabulous.
Your smile is like Sunshine!

Uuuuuuuuuuum, I'm hungry, so I'm gonna say that the photo is a close up of a cooked crepe...it just needs to be filled with some kind of yummy fruit and topped with some fresh whipped cream. Excuse me now, as I mush go. I've drooled all over my keyboard.

Nighty Night.

Unknown said...

i say that it is a pear of some kind vbarton24 at gmail dot com

Mary Ann said...

Kathy you look wonderful! It is the little things that mean the most! And you sound confident, which you should!

Since I've been making a lot of banana bread lately, my guess at the picture is a banana!

Have a wonderful day!

Unknown said...

Wow, you look very classy! And the huge smile on top of it all. Nice.

When I saw the pic, I thought it was the cloth you just received but then you said no knitting. So...

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

I guess a sponge

Jane said...

You look fabulous!

My first thought was banana, even though someone beat me to that I'll go with it.

Twocans said...

I am soo happy for you!

Unknown said...

You look grand and, may I dare say it, the pants look too big for you.

I think it looks like the container of something that I opened in my fridge the other day and no one could identify . . . did we send it to your house instead of the trash?

Actually, I think it is yogurt.

danielle said...

I think it is a tortilla!

Robin said...

You look AMAZING!! Love that color on you!

Robin said...

...forgot my guess--a banana peel?

Denise and Tim Higgins said...

You look BEAUTIFUL! also..love the earings..they are mucho purty.
Hey, I'm not good at these things, so we're going to go with......the planet nebula! LOL I know it's not really a planet but in my head it is..filled with a bunch of little people who wear black coats and love to eat chocolate. bahaha

hakucho said...

You look fantastic, Kathy, and so happy :)

I'm not good as guessing, but I'll be a good sport and say the top of a vanilla milkshake!

Claudia said...

Well, it looks like a pear. It also could be a spaghetti squash? No, probably a pear.

You look so GREAT! Congratulations!

Robynn's Ravings said...

Kathy....you're beaming! And beautiful! I'm SO glad all went well and you're still progressing toward the life you want to lead in a body that fits it. You inspire me, girlfriend. I'm eating my new healthy way and appreciating every little pound lost. I know you can identify. I looked back because I had been so out-of-pocket with the big launch, and there you were. That's what I was looking for. No elastic. Doesn't THAT feel great?!

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