Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday- So Thirty Years Later...

This is a picture of Cliff, Nanci, Me and Gary. When I met Gary 30 years ago almost, the very first date we officially had was to Cliff and Nanci's wedding. We were married 5 months later. It's kind of fun to see us 30 years older, how did that happen? I wish I had a picture of the four of us from the wedding. I wonder if Nanci does? That will have to be a future blog post I guess. This picture was taken by the guy who sold me the pink cowboy hat. We had to give him a quick IPhone lesson. But it came out pretty good I think.
So while at the fair, Gary and I decided to pose for a picture. Don't we just look awesome? LOL. You know I don't think I have ever had a fake picture taken like this. I must have never lived, LOL. I took Cliff and Nanci's picture here first and theirs cracked me up so much I HAD to get ours done. LOL. Oh and look in this picture I have a belly button. I no longer have one of those, kooky huh? I haven't seen what it looks like without one yet cause I am still bandaged up, but I bet it's gonna be spooky. Not that I mind though, I mean really what is a belly button used for except before you're born right? Just a lint collector.
Contest Stuff-
Yesterday's picture was of a Chicken foot. It wasn't atttached to the chicken anymore though. Why would someone just save a chicken foot? Is it supposed to be good luck like a rabbits foot or something?
Here is today's eyeball bender. I am pretty sure NO ONE will guess this correctly. But gosh I am struggling for ideas of things to photograph. I wish I could find a website of just eyeball pictures that would be great. So anyway, take a shot at it, get your camera eye focused and you might get the snap shot idea in your head. Leave your guess in the comment section, the first correct guess gets two entries and all other guesses right or wrong get one entry. Everyone wins around here. It's a PICTURE PERFECT contest, lol.
Well I guess that's about it for me tonight. Going to clean up a few emails and get ready for bed. I have a long day planned for tomorrow, I NEED my beauty sleep. LOL
Have a great night, sweet dreams.


vickie said...

my guess is your cell phones camera or your view finder for your camera

vickie said...

okay its a webcam

SimplyMe said...

a very very blurry picture of where your key goes to turn on the car (ignition key holder????) IDK, but that was fun to guess.

You're updates aren't showing up on my facebook anymore. Grrrrrrrr.

Sweet dreams to you too.

Love the pic of the 4 of you!

vickie said...

speaking of chicken feet for some reason when my mom was a kid she had like two of them and her sister had some teeth pulled and was loopy from whatever gas they gave her. my mom took the chicken feet and hooked them into the screen and her sister was all like "Mom theres chicken feet walking up the screen" my mom removed them before her mom went in their and her mom was like "Your just drugged up. Go back to sleep" lol

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I would say a webcam or a dolls eye.Hugs Darcy

Jane said...

You look great in a bikini! LOL

That looks just like the little eye of the webcam on my laptop that I'm looking at right now.

Marissa said...

Whew, this is a tough one. I got nuthin!
...maybe a stainless it a knob on a stove?

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