Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday- If I Could Talk To The Animals...

I talked to Adam this afternoon, and he was so excited to tell me where he had just been. Yep you guessed it, THE ZOO. It was awesome hearing him tell me all about the animals he saw, the lizards, and owls and... he just went on and on. His other Grandma will be there tomorrow I think, and I am glad he will get to see her for his birthday. I wish I was going to be there too. This will be the first birthday of his I have ever missed. I was even there when he was born.
Saw my primary DR today for my regualr check up. Got the flu shot, not for the new flu but just the regular flu. Looks like I am gonna live a little longer, lol. And now hopefully won't get the flu this winter either.
So yesterday's eyeball bender, yep most of you if not all guessed correctly it was a caterpillar. And a HUGE one at that. So tell me are there people that eat caterpillars? I know I wouldn't protein or not. LOL
So here's today's eyeball bender... Take a look at the picture below and see if you can make out what it is. Post your guess in the comment section, the first correct guess will get two entries and all other comments will receive 1 entry just for trying whether right or wrong.
Tomorrow I am dropping the car (Barbie) off to the repair shop to see what she needs done to her to pass inspection. I hope not too much.
Still waiting for my ticket info for my upcoming trip to CA. Hopefully they will come tomorrow. it's so hard to plan a trip when you have no clue what day you are leaving or returning.
Have a wonderful night, sleep tight and sweet dreams.


SimplyMe said...

table skirt? I suck at this.

have fun taking Barbie in. Hope you and KM can get together and do something fun.

Unknown said...

i think its a hairbrush

danielle said...

Hey Kathy - how come when I read about an Avon product in a magazine - I can never find it online?????

Unknown said...

folded fabric.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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