Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday- What Happened To Summer?

Boy did it suddenly get COLD here in Upstate NY. Or maybe it's just me. I almost considered turning up the heat. Burrr. Can you hear my teeth chattering? What happened to Summer?
So I picked up a box of cereal at Walmarts yesterday for my niece Hannah. I mean when you see cereal with her name plastered on the front you have no choice, right?
Yesterday's eyeball bender was a bendy straw. This was from my glass of water at Applebee's last night. You guys are pretty good at this. I need t0 make them harder, lol.Here is today's eyeball bender photo... Post your guess in the comment section to get your entry and if you're the first correct guess you'll get a second entry just for being so smart.Well it was my night to teach at church. I was a little stressed about it. I just haven't had time to really prepare with everything going on and now my trip scheduled for Tuesday. But I managed to get it together and I guess it went pretty good. I really need to step up the game a little, but I have some time, I won't be on the schedule again until November when I return from CA.
Paid a ton of bills today and that's a relief. I hate it when I let those things build up. Tomorrow I sort my mountain of clothes and pack my suitcase for the trip.
Pretty tired, again. I hope you had a wonderful day and are getting some good quality sleep, sweet dreams.


SimplyMe said...

fun fetti cake from Audi's bday?

I missed you by 3 mins, huh? Can't win for losing some days. Sleep tight.

Unknown said...

How about clam chowder?

You have been so busy, no wonder you are tired.

It is getting colder here too. Yesterday the high was 72 and this morning, it was 47 when I left the house. Bah humbug.

Libby's Library said...

A M&M McFlurrie from Mickey D's?

I know that I've asked before, but when will you get back from your trip? We were supposed to be in upstate NY on the 21st - 24th (or maybe longer for me.) But the wedding date may have to be changed to sometime in December, due to a mistake in paperwork. Just let me know, cause I want to meet up and take you to lunch:-)

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