Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday- Moon Over Cafeteria

While at the hospital today I decided to visit the Thrift Shop they have inside. And look what I scored. A sweater and a skirt and a pair of shoes, all for $5.00. Not too shabby huh?
Nancy came through her surgery with flying colors. I left her in her room finally at 9:30PM tonight, so it was a super long day.
Around 2Pm I headed to the cafeteria for lunch. I got my food and paid for it and was standing at the counter area, with my backside to the tables and chairs loaded with people eating, to gather my silverware and napkins. When suddenly I noticed my pants had fallen to my ankles and I was baring my bottom to a room full of people. OMG. I set my stuff down on the counter, squatted as gracefully as a naked butt person can, pulled up my pants, undid the draw string and pulled it tight, much tighter. Then gathered my stuff turned around and walked to a table and sat down to eat. Pretending of course that nothing happened.
Tell me this has happened to you, PLEASE!!! LOL
The drains are out, so that is good. I can shower as of tomorrow and I think I can drive too.
Oh the surgeon that did my bypass surgery also did Nancy's today. So after when it was done he came out to talk to me and he said I looked like a whole different person. I didn't think he even knew who I was at first, but he said he did.
Well tomorrow is supposed to start my contest month. I hope I can get that going early, cause these late nights are killing me. I need to go to bed, I am exhausted.
Good night everyone, sweet dreams.


Marissa said...

You have got to start wearing these new clothes!!! What a great story! You've got to be more proud of your accomplishment than embarrassed- just think how much LESS butt was exposed!

rita said...

I absolutely admire your presence of mind! I, no doubt, would have made a big deal of it and EVERYONE would have been looking!!!

Unknown said...

I hate spending money on new clothes. But I work in an office. I did pop for a couple of pairs of new slacks (three sizes smaller . . . amazing) because my other pants that I was wearing in May do not stay up. What a problem.

Congratulations on maintaining your cool!

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