Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday- Pinktooth?

I have lost my bluetooth so when I was out today I decided to get a new one. I am going to need it for the upcoming CA trip. But I didn't get a Bluetooth, I got a PINKtooth, lol. I LOVE it, well you all know I love anything PINK. Now will I be able to figure it out, God only knows. It's charging now but I'll give it a test run tomorrow.
I continued with my de-cluttering and cleaning today. I worked from 9am to 4pm. But then I left to deliver the 8 bags of too big clothes to a friend and then because she is disabled and in the same place I was just 2 years ago, I also drove her to the bank, the post office, Walmart and Staples. And then she treated me to dinner at Applebee's. It was delicious. I didn't get home though until 10PM. I am pretty tired. But it was a good day. All I have left to do is find a place to put the clothes that DO fit, and I have 4 small bags and 1 laundry basket of stuff to sort left. I'll work on those tomorrow, and then I need to pack my bag for the CA trip next week.
So here is the full picture from yesterdays eyeball bender photo. This is NOT the picture I took. My picture once I cropped it was too small to be seen. {{sigh}} so I snagged this one off of google. When I was walking home from church on Sunday I saw the prettiest yellow butterfly around the dandilions.
Now for today's eyeball bender... Can you figure out what this is? Post your guess in the comment section for your entry. And if you are the first to guess correctly you'll get a second entry as well. You don't have to be right to get an entry all you have to do is leave a comment.
Well I am going to try to sleep early tonight. Besides the work around here I want to finish I also am preaching tomorrow night at church. Yeah don't ask where I am in that prepared Word. Yikes.
Good night everyone, sweet dreams.


Unknown said...

a straw or some kind of worm

SimplyMe said...

it's a bendy straw!

Unknown said...

pvc pipe.

You are a good friend.

I want a pink tooth. My bluetooth just doesn't cut it! LOL.

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