Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday- Throw down and Throw on

I am so missing Adam today. Some days are worse than others. But today he has just been on my mind. His birthday is in 2 weeks and it's the first one I will have missed all his life. I didn't think this was going to be so hard. Ok maybe I did, but I hoped I was wrong.
Notice the pants Adam is wearing in this picture? Well I threw on a pair of those today for the first time in 20 years. I actually felt THIN today wearing those jeans. I never thought I'd see the day when I could wear them again. My mom said it was sureal. Funny how many things have changed in just over a years time.
I wanted to remind you all about Robynn's 30 day throw down challenge . I mentioned it a few days ago, but it officially started on Sept 1, and she made a special blog just for the challenge too. There is a $100 Amazon gift card to be won, so make sure to get on over there. What can you lose, except maybe some weight and some bad eating habits. LOL
So onto CONTEST stuff for Thursday...
So how are you liking my eyeball bender theme this week? I tell you I have been struggling trying to decide what to take the picture of but it's fun. Yesterday's picture was actually of a white rabbit. I meant to use that picture on the 1st because of the "white rabbit" thing that you are supposed to say on the first day of the month. Of course I never believe in those things but figured it would have been a fun lead into the eyeball bender theme. But of course I forgot, and then found the photo last night saved in a file. Oops.
Anyway here is today's photo. Take a look close now, you might be able to figure this one out pretty easily. Maybe not, let's see. Post your guess in the comment section, the first correct guess will receive 2 entries in the contest and all the rest, right or wrong will receive one entry.
Remember the prizes for the contest this month will be a free dishcloth pattern from Knits By Rachel, and if you're not a knitter then you can still pick a pattern you like and I will personally knit you two cloths of that pattern. What a deal huh?
Now I am going to go and pray a little because I am angry and I need to clear my head and let it go or I will never sleep tonight. I am considering venturing out to the fair tomorrow. Another thing I have avoided for at least 15 years.
Have a great night, sweet dreams and I'll see you hopefully tomorrow.


SimplyMe said...

to mee it looks like a blurry close up of the toffee ice cream on a stick thingies with a bit of ice crystals on it.

He rocks.

So do you. So where is the pic of you in jeans? Hummmm? Keep workin' it woman. Keep workin' it.

Thanks for the reminder of Robyn's September challenge!

Sweet dreams

Marissa said...

Is that a pop tart???!!!!???

vickie said...

its either a candy bar or peanut brittle

vickie said...

and that shiny is plastic wrap

Jane said...

Yeah - a candy bar (although I don't know what you would be doing with a candy bar LOL)
Congrats on the jeans!

Unknown said...

Good for you and the jeans!

I looked at the pic and thought chocolate with nuts.

It must have been something in the air. I went to bed early last night so I wouldn't continue being angry or go looking for something to eat.

When will you be spending time with Adam?

Unknown said...

I would say the pic is FUDGE with nuts on top. Yummy.

Sorry that you are missing your little guy so much. How hard it must be for you.

Way to go on the jeans!

Mary Ann said...

I'm with Shelly, where's the pic of you in those jeans? You have inspired me to get back on my diet! I'm using the Daily Plate and counting calories. I weighed myself this morning and I'm down 2 pounds!

I'm not sure, but when I first saw the picture, I thought of peanut brittle, so that's what I'll say even though I think I'm wrong.

I know you've got to be missing Adam. My daughter Ann has been watching her grandson a lot and his daddy has joined the Air Force. I think it will be awhile before Dominick leaves her, but I know she's going to miss him as you miss Adam.

Have a great day!

Claudia said...

seems to be a chocolate sea with nuts in it...maybe frozen? some form of chocolate nutty treat. maybe sugar free. :)

pinkangel said...

I think it is a Krackle candy bar

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