Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday- So Tomorrow The President Arrives To Town

HVCC (Hudson Valley Community College) is just across the river from my house. And tomorrow The President will be arriving to town and going to speak at this college. Both my boys attended college here over the past few years. I expect traffic around town is going to be a tad bit crazy tomorrow. I fly out of the Albany airport on Tuesday, good thing it's not tomorrow huh? I can only imagine the delays with Air Force One on the landing field.
I walked to church again today. I LIKE walking to church. It doesn't take too long and I feel good by the time I get there. I'll be missing church now for about 5 weeks, but I plan on continuing to walk while visiting in San Diego again. And I hope my dad and his wife will attend church with me again on Sunday's like they did the last time I was there. So it's all good, right?
After church I went to an engagement party for our cousin's daughter. There was live music and good food. It was nice.
Yesterday's eyeball bender was some potato dish my kids had at the Irish Fest last night. I thought about showing you the HUGE Turkey leg my oldest son was eating, he reminded me of a cave man knawing on an animal he just killed for dinner. YUCK, lol.
It does look good though, doesn't it?
Here is today's eyeball bender. See if you can figure it out and post your guess in the comment section. All comments get one entry right or wrong... but the first to guess correctly will get two entries.
I've got another full schedule tomorrow and then Tuesday I am outta here. Needless to say I am tired for sure. I am off to bed now, good night all and sweet dreams.


SimplyMe said...

have a safe trip

Unknown said...

I hope you have a wonderful trip. I think your eye-ball bender today is printed tissue paper.

danielle said...

dried corn husk?

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