Sunday, September 13, 2009


Today my little Adam turned 5. He is such a BIG boy now and a big brother too. I am sad today, it's the first birthday of his I have missed. I did talk to him on the phone though. He sounds so grown up. So in honor of my Bubba's birthday here are some memories...
This picture was taken in the NICU, Adam was maybe a week old, and Angie and I were holding our hands to show how tiny he was. And Adam, smart as he always is, without us noticing also waved his hand for the picture. This is one of my favorite pictures of him.
Adam was 3 pounds when he was born 11 weeks early. He stayed in the hospital for a month before he could come home. He was the smallest baby I had ever held. You'd never know it now, that he was a preemie, he is just awesome.I was the first to actually hold Adam after he was born, my son and I were on duty at the hospital and we asked the nurse when we'd be able to hold him, she thought we all had been holding him already so she sat me down and put him in my arms. This was the first of many Adam hugs that would brighten my day.
And of course we have to show a picture of Adam now, this was just before he moved away, playing with his Star Wars Legos with his daddy at Hannah's house. He loves building these ships and wants a REAL Star Trooper ship. Um Adam you just can't buy those... But why??? I really want one Nana.
Yesterdays eyeball bender was a dandilion. I saw it when I was on my afternoon walk yesterday and thought hey this will make a good eyeball bender photo.

And last but not least here is today's eyeball bender. Can you figure this one out? Post your guess in the comment section for the last entry in this weeks portion of the September contest. The first correct guess will get two entries and all other comments right or wrong will get one entry.Hoping to have my flight info tonight or tomorrow. This way I can plan on when I will be able to get to SC to see Adam too.
So I guess that's about it for me today. Have a wonderful night, sweet dreams. I'll announce a winner on tomorrows blog.


Libby's Library said...

I know, I's either a credit card or the VIN on Malibu Barbie. Did I get it right?

Bless little Adam's heart. I'm sure that he misses you as much as you miss him!

SimplyMe said...

He sure grew and you sure shrunk.

It's a coin...."In God We Trust" I don't know which demonination. Tell me that's not necessary.

Did you get to talk with the birthday boy today?

Unknown said...

i think its a pie tin

sailorcross said...

A HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Adam!! He surely grew a lot!! Medical technology is a wonder!!

I don't know what that is--I'm thinking a coin also--


cheryl said...

had to come out of the wood work and make a guess.... A man hole/sewer cover?

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