Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday- Make Way For This Weeks Winner

Adam want's to give a woo hoo to last weeks winner.
Well I have consulted with REGIS, that's the name of my Random Number generator, and together we came up with comment #46. That just happens to be Claudia. So Claudia head on over to Rachel's website and pick out the dishcloth pattern of your choice and then email me with your pick and the email address you'd like Rachel to send it to. My email again is
Now no worries if you didn't win last week, there will be another winner announced every Monday this entire month. All you have to do is come here daily and leave a comment to be entered.
Yesterday's picture was of a flame, from one of those table top torches. You guys are pretty good, much better then I am at these things.
Speaking of comments, here is today's eyeball bender photo. I snagged this from a blog of one of my followers. I could tell you to find the blog but I won't. Just see if you can guess what this object is. Post your guess in the comment section, the first correct guess will get two entries all other comments will receive one entry right or wrong.
Not too much else happening around here today. So this is a short and sweet blog post today. I sure need to find my energy, I am not used to being so tired.
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend, and sweet dreams tonight.


Unknown said...

its a sun

Claudia said...

thanks for choosing me! I needed some good news right about now.

As for this picture, it looks like a smiley face sun. Beyond that...dunno. :P

Claudia said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I just went to read Shelly's blog and....ummmm....I know what the picture is now. LOL

Unknown said...

A little sun sticker?

No wait, it looks like Woodstock from Snoopy. Ok, now to find Shelly's blog. LOL.

Have a great day!!!

Turtle said...

hope your getting ready for a beautiful fall! i think it has arrived!

Libby's Library said...

It's a coaster? Who knows - I'm no good at this.

Kathy - you are tired because you've had major surgery recently! You are doing too much too soon. Take it easy and get some rest! Ya hear? LOL

slisembe said...

It looks like the smiling sun that goes with the saying "Smile, God Loves You!" and I'm guessing its on a frizbee.

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