Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday- Showered With Blessings

So I am standing in the shower this morning getting ready for church when it dawned on me. I have forgotten HOW to take a REAL shower. I have had to take my shower as a contortionist/acrobatic circus act, it is just bizzare not having to jump through those hoops anymore. It took a while but I eventually managed to get it figured out. Until the next one, when I stand there again with a confused look. This is the showered part.
It's no secret, Sunday is always my favorite day of the week. This Sunday was especially special, because after church we had a church picnic. I had a wonderful time. This was the blessing part. Even with the mosquitoes in full attack mode.
Contest Stuff-
Yesterday's eyeball bender was the camera hole on my Iphone. I was surprised so many of you figured that out. I thought it was gonnna be too hard so I gave all those hints, LOL.
Here is today's picture. Leave your guess in the comment section, the first correct guess get's 2 entries, all other guesses right or wrong will receive 1 entry, so give it a try, you never know.

Tomorrow I will announce the winner from this first week of the contest.
Right now though I am going to bed. I can barely keep my eyes open. Can we say TIRED? I can't, I'm too tired, lol.
Good ngiht everyone, sweet dreams.


SimplyMe said...


Can we get our schedules together soon?'s the orange/yellow part of some pic on this page (morning mercies or the leaving on a jet plane)

Libby's Library said...

A flower petal?
This one is a LOT HARDER than that chiken foot! LOL

Have a great nights sleep Kathy.

Unknown said...

its either a candle flame or a sunset shining through a curtain.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Mustard or a candle.Hugs Darcy

Unknown said...

no clue. Something yellow for sure. LOL.

I like Sundays too. Any day I can relax and take a break from life.

Marissa said...

I'm beginning to embarrass myself with my way-off guesses, so I'll just say 'HI', and sit here and look pretty.

Unknown said...

If it wasn't the wrong time of year, I would say tulip petal.

I would have to venture a guess and say a really nice looking banana! LOL!

SimplyMe said...

hey kath - it's much easier to access than to talk dee out of it

WAL MART. 2 @ less than 2 bucks

life IS good

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