Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday- Monopoly? I'd Rather Eat Sushi...

My sisters dog Julia and her son Chuck the Duck.
And this is Autumn, my niece. She turned 20 today. I remember the day she was born, gosh that went by fast.
Autumn wanted to play Monopoly for her birthday today. I hate monopoly. I'd rather eat sushi, yuck. But it was a PINK monopoly game, I guess it gets a few brownie points for that.
Yesterday's eyeball bender was hamburger meat cooking. I have had this desire for a taco, so last night I finally decided to cook some. Of course I ended up burning the meat a little because I went to my sisters to get the picture of the coat and was there too long, oops. So this is what my "taco" looked like. There is a taco shell inside that tortilla. My own "double decker" taco.
Today's eyeball bender. Can you figure this one out? Give it a try and post your guess in the comment section. As usualy the first correct guess will get two entries and all other guesses right or wrong get one entry.
I went for a walk today. I walked for an hour. It felt good. But I am pretty tired tonight. I think it's a good tired so I am gonna take advantage of it and get to bed real soon.
Have a great night, sweet dreams.


Unknown said...

its one of those plants that you can blow on and they fly away either that or one of those brown rounds balls with the pokie edges

Libby's Library said...

Grass in the background for sure. And I believe the close up is a dandylion - is that how you spell it? Doesn't look right to me.

SimplyMe said...

yeah, I have the dandilion when it's ready to blow away thing in my head.....I just didn't think it was that time of year, which usually means I'm wrong! On well. I'm usually wrong, but you know I love to guess at stuff.

Hope today was fun!

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