Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday- So Sleepy

So I was going through my jewelery and I found the mothers ring my husband gave me many many years ago. I wore it only a short time because my fingers were too fat, then I could finally wear it on my pinky finger... but today I tried it on and well it fit's loosly on the ring finger now. It's actually too big. But I am wearing it anyway, just because I can.
Yesterdays eyeball bender was PEANUTS. I have a handful of these everyday. I love peanuts, they have protein and I can eat them really slow. The perfect treat after a meal.
Here is today's eyeball bender. Hmm can you figurre this one out? Post a guess in the comment section for an entry and if you are the first to comment with the correct guess you'll get an extra entry. All other comments get one entry even if you don't guess right.
I started packing today. I now have another big bag of clothes that are too big. All the pants I got into last week... too big. I have moved down a size in a week. I can only inagine what will happen when all this swelling is finally gone. Dr says that could be another 4 to 8 weeks. Yikes. I hope the clothes I pack for CA still fit when I am ready to come back home or I am in big trouble.
Well as usual I am exhausted. I am off to sleep, lot's happening tomorrow. Good night everyone and sweet dreams.


Unknown said...

cereal or potato chips

Libby's Library said...

I'm going with potato chips.
I like Lay's - the ones made with Olestra.

I'm so glad that you can wear your Mothers Ring again.

And don't you let me EVER hear you complain about your clothes being too BIG!

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