Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday- And The Winners Is...

Well the winner of last weeks contest was Libby. Congrats Libby and please head on over to Rachels website and pick out the pattern you like the best. Email your choice to me at and I will take it from there.
I worked all day today cleaning out clothes from the upstairs bedroom. I filled up three bags of garbage, 1 bag of little boys clothes for the good will, and 8 kitchen size garbage bags full of clothes that no longer fit me. I think there will actually be 9 bags, but I ran out fo energy.
Yesterday's eyeball bender was a penny, It was actually a giant penny trivit my sister has on her counter. I forgot to save a full size pic so I can't show that to you tonight.
Here is todays eyeball bender. Post your guess in the comment section and the first correct comment get's 2 entries and all the other comments get one even if they guess wrong.
I am heading to bed now. I have worked non stop toady and I am TIRED. Hope you are all asleep already and having Sweet Dreams.


vickie said...

some kind of flower or leaf

Unknown said...

a grasshopper on a flower

Robynn's Ravings said...

That's a zucchini flower! (I think)
Hey, that ticker looks amazing. You should write a post describing how it feels in this new body. It's got to be a whole new world.

Libby's Library said...

WooHoo - I love winning. LOL

Thanks so much Kathy!

Well - it's a flower on the left. Not sure what's to the right. It does look like a tiny little let hanging there.

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