Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday- Wow What A Long Day

Had to see the dietician today for a follow up from surgery. She was excited to see me sure she wouldn't recognize me. She figured out I had lost 70% of my excess weight so far, and they expect a patient to lose between 60 and 80% in the first year. I am just 10 months out so I am GOLD she said. I looved her office she had a whole bookshelf full of fake food, in all different portion sizes. I had to take some pictures. She also had some nifty signs on the walls too. This one was an easy way to eyeball portion sizes of most foods. I knew all this from Weight Watchers, but I liked the poster so I took a picture of it too.
Speaking of eyeballing... lol let's get onto the contest stuff for today.
Yestersday's answer was the peel of a banana. Congrats to all who guessed correctly, and remember whether right or wrong you all got an entry in the contest.
Here is today's eyeball bender.Post your guess in the comment section to receive an entry in todays contest. The first correct answer gets two entries every other comment gets one entry whether right or wrong.
I had a very long day and I'm exhausted as usual, so I am off to bed. Have a great night and I'll check in tomorrow with more eye exercises, lol. Sweet dreams.


Unknown said...

i think it is either a cats or dogs fur
that is so awesome with your weight loss. congratulations i need to exercise lol

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

A pillow and I have a question will it ruin my weight loss to put international pumpkin spice creamer in my coffee? woohoo you are doing so awesome((((Hugging You)))))Darcy

Robin said...

Keep on keepin' on Aunt K!!! You're doing great!!!!

My guess for today is, mashed potatoes?

Marissa said...

I'll go with mashed potatoes, because as I've said's all about food with me. However- and brace yourselves, ladies- this is graphic- it looks a lot like my tummy after giving birth.
ewww, I know. I find those portion size displays depressing. I see how wrong I am!

Unknown said...

I love those portion sizes. Someone should invent a plate that is smaller to accommodate those portion sizes. Especially small juice glasses.

Have no idea what that pic is of. Fur of some sort....

Way to go on your weight loss. Such an inspiration to us all!!

Mary Ann said...

Congradulations! You are an inspiration!

I'm going to stick to the food theme and say mashed potatoes.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Omg i HATE blogspot right now. I wrote out this long comment...sent and it erased it. GAH!
Loveeee the fake food picture!!
Get some rest!
Hey i haven't really posted much in my personal blog lately, been slammed with work. I have, however, put some Belleview photos in the photo blog though.
I'm going to with egg as the answer to the picture. You can't even see what the grains look like so it's so hard to see!

Maria said...


hakucho said...

That handy chart is certainly handy :)

Can't believe how much weight you lost! and soooo fast :)

I really have no idea what that picture is but I'll guess a feather ;)

Claudia said...

My eyes have been bothering me badly lately so I really have no clue what that is. But I'll say it's a sand dollar.

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