Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday- So I Am Almost Ready

This is what I have been working on the past couple days when I have a free moment. Any clue what these might be for? I'm not ready to tell you yet, LOL. I can tell you though that I am so NOT happy with the heart. Can you tell it is way oversized compared to the rest? Of course the perfectionist in me will require me to make another one and throw this one out. But the fact I am letting you even see it is progress, usually this would be long gone in the trash by now.
The yard sale was basically totally a rain out today. Not even a 3rd of the sales we had the day before. I wore a sweater all day too, I was chilly and wet.
Going to meet up with a friend I made on the Weight Watcher website tomorow morning before church. So I am going to bed early tonight so I have tome to wash my hair in the sink because still no shower allowed, {{sigh}} and drive to her hotel. last time Anne saw me I weighed at least 250 pounds more than I do now. I wonder if she'll recognize me?
Well sorry to be so brief but I really am tired. I'll see you all tomorrow. Contest starts Tuesday.
Good night, sweet dreams.


Jane said...

IDK - but it definitely has something to do with Los Vegas! Hope Anne recognized you!

SimplyMe said...

I'll never tell (in my best psycho movie voice)

Libby's Library said...

Sleep well Kathy - have a wonderful day with your friend.

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