Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday- Found It Finally

Shelly always follows through. I wanted to sponsor Kenny's race car too but yeah I got bit by that procrastionation bug again. I hate when that happens. Anyway, Shelly and her daughter sent in their donation and they ended up on the hood of the FAN SPONORED CAR, for Kenny Wallace.
Last night I spent over an hour looking at 11 downloads of parts of the car filled with fans names looking for hers and couldn't find them. That's part of the reason I was still awake last night at 2:30am. Turns out the downloads were not complete so I couldn't find her name because it wasn't there to find. But it's there now, lol. See?
Helped my mom at her yard sale today, it was beautiful and hot right up until 5Pm when the rain came in. Sale continues tomorrow and I am afraid we are gonna have to arrange everything left inside the garage because of the rain. I was good though I only bought 2 things. LOL. Usually I am packing bags full of junk, that I'll just have to get rid of again next year. You know what I'm talking about.
I haven't felt quite right for a couple days, and tonight I took my temperature and it's a little high, nothing to worry about, but it's rare that I ever have a temperature. I think because of that I will make myslef go to bed early and try to sleep this sickness away.
I know you want updated pics and I will get some soon, I am really waiting until I get these drains out and the swelling goes down. I figure a week or two. So it's coming, I promise.
Have a great night everyone, and I'll check in again sometime tomorrow. Sweet dreams.


Libby's Library said...

I think maybe your might be over doing a little. That temp is your body's way of saying SLOW DOWN.

Take all the time you need to post photo's. We are all just so excited for you!

Unknown said...

Good for you and your restraint!

Take it easy and go to bed early. I've had this cold for 2 weeks and it's still kicking my butt.

Hope you have a good day

SimplyMe said...

Thank you!!!

BTW - you follow through where it counts........

Nice job only buying two things but WHAT two things?!?

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