Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday- Sisters Day Out

I was beginning to go stir crazy being stuck in this house not being able to drive myself anywhere but feeling like I could walk a marathon, you know? So I managed to guilt my sisters into taking me to the movies and to NOT do their housework. So we went to see Julie and Julia. We all had a great time, my niece Hannah came too. When we left there it was weird but we were all starving, lol. And we all wanted Boeuf à la Bourguignonne. Yeah even Erin was thinking about this dish and she's a Vegetarian, lol.
After the movie we made a stop to the Christian bookstore. I haven't been there in years because I was so unable to go out to places so this was a treat. And treat myself I did. I bought two books.
I heard about this book when I was in California and looked for it on but couldn't find it. Imagine my excitement when I saw it on the shelf. It was the only one there too.
And this book was in the Christian fiction section, and I saw the title and thought maybe it had something to do about knitting, but instead it was about a woman who had gastric bypass surgery and lost over 150 pounds and her life was changing from the inside out, just like mine. Crazy huh? And it was also the only copy on the shelf. I had to buy it, and I am saving it to read on the plane for my next trip out to CA in September.
Well it's late and it's been a long fun day and church is tomorrow so I best get to bed. Have a wonderful night, sweet dreams everyone.


Libby's Library said...

Are you sure that you aren't "over doing it"? Please take care of yourself!

sailorcross said...

I'm glad you have your sisters to enjoy time with!! It seems that everyone who sees this movie wants to try a new dish for themselves!!

And I love your finds at the bookstore--but, please take it easy!!


SimplyMe said...

You know what my family does while recovering. WTG. A scenery change always helps! With all that weight gone pulling you forward must feel much better than the soreness of the stitches. Whoo hoooo. Now if I read that you are mopping or doing toe touches, well, then I'm gonna gibbs smack ya!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

What fun I would love to see the movie with my hubby we love to cook.You look great:)Hugs Darcy

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