Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday- I've Been De-Drained But I'm Still Drained

Does that make sense? Well it does to me. But then again I am deranged, I mean after all I did just have major surgery right? And then 2 days out of the hospital I was at the movies and shopping with my sisters. Yet I am still surprised that I am TIRED. I mean we are talking fall asleep while talking to you on the phone tired. Have you ever been there? Heck maybe you are there now, sleeping while you read this page turning blog post, NOT.

Anyway I saw the Dr today. I had 4 drains that followed me home after surgery and I managed to give 2 of them the slip while seeing the Dr. What's a drain you ask? Well I'll show you a stock picture from google cause you'd be grosed out at mine, they have stuff in them. I had four of these hanging from my lower belly area, now there are only 2.

I was gonna post the Dr's picture for you but the only one of the doc my sister took today was of his hands and his HUGE wrist watch. I mean really that watch is as big as my thighs, and well you all saw my thigh. Wait let me show you the picture of the watch, I gotta go crop it ip a little, cause no way do you wanna see my frankenstein belly fully of stitches that look like a monsters toothful smile. BRB.

Ok now see that watch, but aren't those hands handsome, Ok think INSIDE the glove, lol. Now I need to google and see if there is a picture of the doc on the Internet. Sorry BRB again. You don't mind waiting do you? Here look at this comic in the meantime...

I laughed at this because I have suddenly found myself watching these food competition shows. I mean really I am a gastric bypass patient I eat an appetizer for dinner on a good night and I am hooked on these cooking shows. It's just sad, I tell you, sad. Ok here's the Doc...

He is really handsome and looks exactly like this picture, except I noticed a few grey hairs today. I probably caused those. I am pretty sure I caused those. I go back on Thursday, I'll see if I notice anymore. I know it's a sacrafice but someone has gotta stare at the doc. LOL. Anyway if you are in the Upstate NY area and need a body makeover, he's your guy. Click on his picture to go to his website.
Well I think I have entertained you all enough.
I'll sign off now and get ready for bed. I'll see you all tomorrow. Sweet dreams.


Unknown said...

funny how watching those food competition shows makes you crave weird stuff: like wet hot dogs and jars of mayo. Or a 12 foot piece of sushi with 3 one foot sections of wasabi. LOL.

Sounds like you're doing good. I know you're superwoman and all, but you might want to slow down a tad. Your body is telling you to GET SOME REST!!!

Ok, I'll stop being the mom and let you live your life. LOL. Have a great day!

mel said...

Look at you go! You're becoming the energizer bunny!!!!! :)

Susan said...

Very cute doctor, must make it all a bit easier. I'm glad you're doing so well and I really admire your courage and positive attitude!

Anonymous said...

wow your doc is hot...wait did i just say that? hahahaha lol shhh!!! I'm starting a new blog with just me in it because tim and i's life, as in things we do together, just isn't that interesting. BAHAH lol So i'm going to have a rambling one for myself too. I LOVE your blog. You're too funny. You look fabulous by the way!!!

Anonymous said...

I feel ya, it's hard to actually think of just yourself...omgosh you make me laugh though, so i'm sure you'll find something to talk about..and *ahem* itch. bahaha lol

SimplyMe said...

thou shall not lustest overth thy doctor.

SimplyMe said...

especially if it itches....owwwhieeeee, I'm NASTY today.

Denise - I CAN"T COMMENT ON YOUR BLOG. The button is broken. Okay, it's fine, but something inmy world is twisted. Love the blog woman!

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