Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday- Water, I Think I Need Water

I am feeling pretty good yet I am just not right. I started thinking about it today and I think I am missing WATER. Not the drinking kind, more like the drowning kind. I am happiest when I am emerged in water. I still say I am 99% fish. I haven't even been able to take a shower in a week. I think I am just THIRSTY.
I see the handsome Dr again tomorrow and if he takes out the remaining drains I think that will clear me for a shower and believe me I am gonna take 3 or 4 of them. In a row. LOL
Today I didn't feel well. My stomach was just swooshing and swirling around. I actually had to lie down for most of the day. I felt good enough to get to church tonight and I did have a bowl of soup when I got home at 9PM.
Oh and we had a mystery truck in our driveway this morning too. They pulled in right up to the garage door, and got out and left. I couldn't figure out what it was there for, I went out with my cell phone and took pics of the registration sticker in the window and the license plates, just in case, lol. Turns out it was a friend of my husbands there to work on the truck, but he just dropped it off and went to get parts. He doesn't have a garage so he uses ours while my husband is at work. Usually he tells us ahead of time though, no fair scaring a sick person, geez.
I am going to keep my blog short tonight I still am not feeling up to par. BUT I do want to say I am supposed to have a contest again for the month of September, so don't fade away now, I am planning on a prize a week, of course I still have to figure out what I am gonna do for the contest. Yeah, I am a procrastionator, and I am good at it. Do you think I can get a job with those skills???
Have a great night everyone, sweet dreams and all that usual stuff.


Libby's Library said...

You're sounding pretty darn good, for someone who just had major surgery! I hope you get your drains out, and have a WONDERFUL shower. When I had my surgery, and couldn't shower for 3 weeks - gosh, getting under that water was glorious.

And, we want photo's :-)

Unknown said...

Water...hmm, what if you got "caught" in a rainstorm?

Hope your tummy feels better soon. Yuck, I hate the swooshing!

Have a great day.

Unknown said...

I love the water. It is great to float in and not feel the joints, etc.

Youcould get a job with your beautiful smile!

Denise and Tim Higgins said...

omgosh i spit my coffee out when i read, not the drinking kind, the drowning kinda..bahahahah lol
You're too funny. That reminds me, how is the Etsy working out for you? You guys actually getting business on there? I was thinking of setting up one for me mum but idk. Anyways, have a good sleep! :)

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