Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday- Soaking Up The Sun

Ok so what do you think this picture is of? I had another one to show you too but the colors on it show up pretty faint so I have to re-do that one, maybe tomorrow.
I spent the day in the pool and it was wonderful. No one was home so I had it all to myself. I swam 250 laps in the pool which I roughly figure to be 25 laps in the YMCA pool. All in all I count it as a good workout. I even took an hour nap on the deck in the sun, it was lovely.
I made sesame garlic chicken in the crock pot with a side of mashed potatoes and fresh yellow squash from the garden. It was pretty good. I was shocked though that the chicken seemed a little dry, that usually doesn't happen in a crock pot so I didn't eat a lot but it was tasty.
Tomorrow we are going to a party, supposed to be a pool party but it might be rainy. I am going to pray the weather reports are wrong just the same.
I have 10 days and counting until my surgery date. I am starting to get excited. Really excited.
Have a wonderful night everyone and I'll see you all tomorrow. Sweet dreams.


Libby's Library said...

I'm almost as excited as your are. Oh how I wish we could be doing this together!

Is it a cloud with lightening?

Kenyetta said...

A rain cloud?
Congrats! Keep us updated

Jane said...

Either a cloud with lightening bolt - or a balloon!

Anonymous said...

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