Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday- Sunshine, Swimming and Seafood Salad

hair before hair after
Can you actually tell? It really does look so much better. The white skunk stripe is misisng. I now have a light brownish color and some blond highlites. Nanci did it for me and she did a great job. It really looks so natural.
They also fed me dinner, it was seafood salad, I have never had seafood salad, it was delicious. Cliff (Nanci's husband and my husbands cousin) did the cooking, or in this case making, and I have to tell you he can prepare food in the most remarkable ways.
The weather today was just beautiful. I went swimming for 3 hours after church and had a blast. I plan on repeating today again on Monday and Tuesday, well except for the hair coloring and seafood salad, lol. Now let's pray I remember to wear a bathing cap or I might end up with GREEN hair. LOL
For those that asked, not sure how long I'll be in the hospital or the exact surgery time yet. The Hospital will call me on Tuesday afternoon to tell me the surgery time. The DR says I will be at LEAST 1 day overnight in hospital. Any further days depends on my status after surgery. I'll keep you posted and if I can't Shelly or Ruth will blog for me.
Well it's 2AM and I best get to bed. Tomorrow is already here technically.
Good night everyone, and sweet dreams.


Unknown said...

Your hair does look great. I don't dye mine because of the pool. Let me know how it goes. I suppose I could do the water aerobics without getting my hair wet but have never quite managed to pull that one off! LOL.

Is your skin being donated? I know that friend of mine had the surgery done and they donated her skin to the local burn unit.

Unknown said...

Your hair looks great, especially with that huge smile on your face!

Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Hope you can get some more swimming in today.

Libby's Library said...

Glad that you got to swim again.
And glad that you will have someone post, if you can't!

You must be getting soooo excited. I'm very happy for you!

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