Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday- Smile is Sunday's Theme

This is one of those pass along cards, I love them. I used to have hundreds of them and I'd give them out all the time, but like I said it's been YEARS since I've been to the Christian bookstore so I have long run out. I was good though, I only bought 2 yesterday. So this one's for YOU.

I also recently found a cartoonist online and I LOVE her. OK her name is Cathy and she's funny. Maybe I just want to be her. Who knows? But regardless I thought I'd share a couple of her cartoons today to add to the Smiling Sunday theme. You can click on either one of her cartoons here to go to her webpage where you can see much more. She is also on Facebook, I became a fan so I can see new stuff as soon as it's out there.
I have always drawn things and have wanted to make cartoons. I once saw this contraption that you can plug into your computer and draw your picture and it can go right from there onto your websute or blog or whatever. I so want this, but if I remember correctly it was too pricey. I tried to draw in paint and well I am so not good at that. Well maybe I could make funny cartoons out of pathetic drawings, lol. Think positive Kathy... anything is possible, right?
I suddenly have a craving for pork rinds. Actually they are pretty good for me, they have plenty of protein in them and no sugar. Maybe I can talk someone into driving me to the grocery store.
I played CLUE with my suster and niece today. Professor Plum did it in the Library with the Wrench, just in case you are playing later, I thought I'd give you the answer. I'm just good that way, hahahahaha.
Ok now I need to get to the store those pork rinds aren't just gonna walk over here on their own now are they?
Have a great evening and hope you all sleep well. Sweet dreams and lot's of smiles too.


Libby's Library said...

LOL - nothin' better that a Dr. Pepper and a bag of Pork Rinds!

sailorcross said...

I can't say that pork rinds are one of my favorites, but to each her own, right??

Take it easy--sounds like you're doing quite a lot for someone who just had surgery!!

Clue--We used to play that for hours!! Now my kids are starting to play board games again--and Cara says that her child is going to be playing outside--not sitting and playing video games hour after hour!!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful smile with me!! Keep your chin up and your heart in the right place and all will be well with your soul.


Denise and Tim Higgins said...

omgosh i just really loved this blog. That cartoon person is really funny I'm going to have to check her out too! By the way, i loveeee pork rinds. mmmm mmm good!

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