Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday- Finally I Figured It Out

I finally figured out how to convert a recipe to cook in my new oven. I decided to make some of my crustless quiche for breakfast, and it actually ended up being my dinner as well. I missed lunch because I was in the pool.
Speaking of the pool, can I just say today was an awesome day. It was just beautiful out. The sun was warm, the water was cool, the bugs and bees/wasps/hornets were barely a bother. I wish everyday could be like today.
Unfortunately I had to get out at 2:30 to take my son to physical therapy. Then we made a detour to Walmart. I was able to get the birthday gift for my niece there so I didn't have to make a bunch of stops. God is so good.
There was a bad spot to the day, but I am going to push that aside and just move on. No need to dwell on that right?
Tomorrow is a birthday party for Nanci, she is married to my husbands cousin, but I consider her MY FAMILY. It's going to be at a beach, which is really a lake, but I am looking forward to it. I hope she has a great turnout and lots of family and friends and of course plenty of presents too. She has changed her life for the better this year like I did and I love watching her shine.
Not much else happening. I need to test knit my breast cancer calendar pattern one more time to make sure I wrote out the instructions correctly. Anyone feel like test knitting a pattern for me? I keep putting it off, when it will only take an hour or two. Maybe I'll do it tonight and include it in Nanci's birthday gift tomorrow.
Guess I'll blog early so I can knit. Have a great night, sweet dreams. See you sometime tomorrow.

7 comments: said...

love the patterns (= read my blog?

SimplyMe said...

Love the oven, sorry about the bad spot, glad aboutthe swimming and can't wait to see the cloth.

SimplyMe said...

hey HEY're starting to blog surf again. All is right with the world *wink*

Kenyetta said...

If you still need it, I can test for you!

Unknown said...

I need an oven like that. I bet it doesn't heat up the whole kitchen either, huh? Good in summer right?

Sounds like you had an awesome day. God is good!

I'll test knit for you if you still need it. I can get it done today, and I have some pink cotton sitting on my dresser. Can send you a pic too of the FO. Let me know!

Turtle said...

glad you had a good day!

hakucho said...

From your 1st post about your oven I didn't think your oven was that big....that's wonderful ! I bet you can cook just about anything in it :)

Glad you had a nice day...hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend!

happy knitting :)

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