Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Monday- Power Outage

Well we had the power go out last night, of course right in the middle of the hot humid weather that fell upon us. I tried to sit outside and knit before it got too dark, but the mosquitoes and the rain forced me back inside.
You know I never got bit by a single bug in San Diego, hmm why again do people live in New York?
Anyway I brought my knitting inside again and knitted by candlelight, how roamntic, huh? I finished the cloth and moments later the lights finally came on.
But the power going out also took out my cable and when it all came back on I couldn't get my laptop to open anything. It started running a virus scan that took 3 hours, really, unbelievable. Then I restarted the computer in hopes to get on abd blog etc. and don't I fall asleep waiting.
So not much to do now but try to make it up so I thought I'd show you this You Tube commercial... made me laugh. But I also love it cause this will NEVER happen to me after August 19th because I will no longer have one of these. LOL... enjoy.


Libby's Library said...

Hope you power stays on!
Out A/C died Saturday night. Temps in the 90's and humidity was terrible. Waited all day Sunday for the service people to show up. They finally arrived around 5:30. 2 minutes and $250 dollars, and we have cool air again.

Just think...only a week to go.
I'm thrilled for you!

Unknown said...

Figures the power would go out on ya. At least you got some knitting done...finally!!!

The commercial is cute. Wish I had a stomach like that.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

When the power goes out we use our camping lanterns to light the house.Hubby and I are eating fish lots of fruit and veggies trying to slim down I bought sugar free popsicles as there yummy:)Hugs Darcy

Jane said...

Funny! No bellybutton?

Robynn's Ravings said...

Okay Kathy....that commercial officially creeped me out! lol

So the tummy tuck is coming? Can't they create a cute little inny for you?!

Anonymous said...

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