Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday- Think Thin, It's A Stretch Though

OK My friend, actually more like a sister, Kathy, gave me a gift today at support group. It was two brand new spanking pairs of JEANS. Now if you know me you would know I haven't worn a pair of jeans in oh maybe 23 years. I am really excited to be able to wear a pair of jeans and maybe sooner then I think, but OMG Kathy have you lost your mind? LOL The size of these jeans are so SMALL. The dark pair is a size 12 and the light pair is a size 10. Ok maybe I can fit an arm in the legs of these pants. Now if I ever fit into these I can tell you now they will hear me screaming all the way to the MOON and back. Can it really be a possibility?
I saw the Dr again today, well not actually the Dr because he was in surgery but one of the nurses. We were hoping to get these last two drains out but it was not happening. Looks like it might be Monday or Tuesday now. They really aren't bothering me too much, just makes it hard to wear pants yet and I can't take a shower. BUT I'd much rather have the fluid coming out then getting stuck inside, I mean fluid weighs, right? Speaking of weigh ins today is my official weigh in recording date. As of today I have officially lost 317 pounds. That's this guyOUCH I can't believe I carried around that body for almost 15 years. No wonder I have shrunk an inch and a half. LOL
I snagged a couple pictures from Angies MY SPACE page of Adam. I needed a BUBBA fix. So I thought I'd share a couple of the pictures with you all. This is Adam feeding his new brother Jack.And here is another pic of Adam with the new brother. He is such a great big brother now. And aren't those jammies awesome. They are so his color.God my heart breaks I miss him so much. And I am not going to be able to see him for his birthday. The Dr doesn't think I can handle the 18 hour car trip until maybe late October. He will be coming here for two weeks in December, but I can't wait that long. So I am hoping I can get down there shortly after I return from California in October. I had planned on going to Vegas with my sister so I could watch my niece while she played (I am so not a gambler) but I guess I'll save that adventure for next year.
Well I have been rambling on and just realised it's after 1am, I best get to bed soon, I have to be to my sisters by 8am to babysit. Good thing she lives right next door. Then I am spending the day tomorrow with my mom, her yard sale starts bright and earky tomorrow morning.
Have a wonderful night everyone, and I'll see you on Friday (which is really today now, but that's just a technicality) Sweet dreams.


Unknown said...

Wow, it's hard to believe you were carrying around a football player for all that time! The picture of him really puts it into perspective.

Adam is getting to be so big! He's as handsome as ever. I can't imagine how you miss him.

Have a great day!

hakucho said...

Adam looks so happy with his new baby brother! I can feel your pain in not being able to see him...but the time sure flies by fast and Oct. will be here before you know it!!

I cannot believe your total weight good for you!!!
You lost more than my husband and he is a BIG man! You will be in those jeans, no doubt about that!!

Jane said...

Your weight loss is so totally amazing - I still think you should go on the Oprah show! I know how much you must miss Adam, hope you get to see him soon!

Libby's Library said...

He is growing so quickly - look how his face has thinned out. And speaking of thin - girl you better get a photo up soon. We can't wait to see how great you're look'n!

Hope you do get to take your trip in October, but darn, I'll bet it will be when I'm in NY. The reception is scheduled for the 24th, I think!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I'm so proud of you what an amazing achievement:((((Hugs))))Darcy

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