Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day Sixty Five of Super Summer 2011

Day Sixty Five of Super Summer 2011

Adam  got to see my dad and his wife today. It is actually the second time he met them only the first time he was only 2 months old. We picked up Adam from his dads and brought him to church and then to Daynas for dinner and just hanging out with the family.

I made Shepherds Pie for dinner and I was making Adam a plate and he asked what it was. I said it was hamburger, corn and mashed potatoes. He said I don't think I want that. I firmly said well he had to eat dinner. Then he said, wait is that shepherds pie? Yes I said, Ok I'll eat that. Kids, LOL

Adam, Hannah, Colin and Laura had a night swim tonight. For a change they actually stayed in the pool for almost an hour maybe more, usually when the sun is out and it's hot they get in for 5 min and then out again. 

The adults played Mexican Train dominoes while the kids played on the Wii. Four kids with only three Wii controllers we expected a war, but they played for hours with no incident. It was a great night.

In fact it's almost 2am and we are just getting home. Needless to say I am gonna make this short and sweet, I have church in the morning and need to get at least 2 hours of sleep.

Good night.

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