Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day Sixty Three of Super Summer 2011

Day Sixty Three of Super Summer 2011

Is that not the face of a kid that is having a blast? Adam loves playing with my photo shop and today he made several photos of himself. This was his favorite.

We had a great lazy day. Good thing because my legs were killing me from all the work I did yesterday. I didn't bring him to his dad's until after 4pm. He said he would stay the night but he wasn't gonna take his shower there. LOL. Yep this will be a problem come school time.

Adam decided to draw some "master pieces" today. There were several drawings he made and he was extremely proud of them all. He suggested we staple them to the walls of the apartment. Um we don;t staple to Nana's walls I told him, it's OK Nana they do it at my school I saw them. I suggested we tape them to the door of his bedroom, he agreed. Whew that crisis solved. This is the display of today's drawings...
Let's see from top to bottom...
1- an octopus/squid
2- a dragon
3- a door with a golden key
4- a fox on a box wearing socks playing blocks
5- several birds some flying and some standing next to a bird bath
6- a pirate ship and several pirates
7- (not seen it's on other side of door) a mermaid and more pirates

I think maybe there is an artist talent bug inside this boy. :-)

Well it's almost 11:30 and I am exhausted. Bedtime for me. My dad comes tomorrow and I need a little beauty sleep, he is staying here and I don't want to scare him away.

Nighty night

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