Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day Fifty Nine of Super Summer 2011

Day Fifty Nine of Super Summer 2011

Iron Man has invaded Nana and Papa's house. Yep, he really has. After church today we took Adam to WalMart to get him a new pair of sneakers for school. The ones he had just had no tread left on them. He has gone up a shoe size, he is now in a size 2.We found a great pair of Starter sneakers for $11.00, this made Nana very happy.

So, Adam has been playing Angry Birds on my phone and there is an advertisement for plush angry birds on there, and Adam has decided he NEEDs all of them and he NEEDs them right now. I told him he has to wait for his birthday and Christmas and maybe he will get some. This usually causes a very sad face. I hate sad faces on Adam. Well we walked through WalMart today on the way to the shoe section and what do we see in the main aisle in a large end cap??? ANGRY BIRD plush toys in three different sizes. They had all the colors too, the black bomb bird, the angry red bird, the yellow bullet bird, the blue bird and a green pig with a gold crown. He of course stopped us right there and tried to talk us into getting one of every one. I can't explain how we managed to get out of that store without buying a single bird, but it was a miracle. And it was Papa who found the miracle.

It was in the dairy section of WalMart we were getting a few groceries for lunch and there was the Iron man mask, sitting in a cooler with the orange juice. This helmet talks and lights up and looks just like Iron Man. Regular price $25.00, marked down price $7.00. SCORE... Adam wanted that helmet more than an angry bird. :-)

We came home and had dinner and after we decided to have a movie night with popcorn and watch, yep you guessed it, IRON MAN.

Nights and Days like these are the best.

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