Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day Sixty Two of Super Summer 2011

Day Sixty Two of Super Summer 2011

Well finally at 10pm I got Adam back home from his dads. He slept over night there last night and then spent the day with him today. They went to the park and to visit Katie Bob too. This made Adam very happy. I picked them up there after church and Adam was wearing his sad face because he wanted to stay longer. I think he is going back again tomorrow maybe, because he said SHE said it was OK. :-)

So in the car I ask Adam if he is coming home to Nana's or going to Dad's again for the night. He tells his dad he is deciding which he wants to do. He finally says I want to stay at dad's, until dad says he has to take a shower. Adam only wants to take showers at Nana's because I have the best shower. Those of you who have seen my house I am sure understand this, I do have an awesome really cool shower. I tell everyone the bathroom is my favorite room in the apartment. LOL Of course this may be a problem when school starts and he is all week long sleeping at dad's house. I guess we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

While Adam was gone today I cleaned his room. It took me four hours but it looks wonderful. All toys are in their place, bed was made and everything. Adam came home and said he has never seen such a clean room. Then he had to tuck in all his dream buddies in the bed. LOL. That's what the picture above is.

I stole a picture off his dad's facebook page this morning of Adam sleeping in on his couch... it was going to be my blog photo of the day until he saw his clean room. :-)
Well I am pretty worn out today, I really worked hard getting this house ready for when my dad arrives Friday. I also had an interview for my internship/field work for this semester. I will be working with the "Jewish Family Services" helping with supervised visits between parents and children. I am really looking forward to this.

On that note I am gonna make sure Adam is all tucked in and I am going to bed. Good Night.

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