Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day Fifty Eight of Super Summer 2011

Day Fifty Eight of Super Summer 2011

Adams version of the Upside Down Show. We were at church and Adam was on the floor underneath the chair when I snapped this picture. I liked this one too...
Cause you all know we pray in church right?

Earlier after I picked Adam up from his dad's we went to Dayna and Hannah's so Adam could try out his new snorkel. And the new bathing suit I found for him today for $6, it is a Lego Star Wars swimsuit, perfect for Adam.While at Dayna's Adam made me a cake...
We left there and Adam decided he NEEDED Burger King for lunch. he was sure they had a toy he wanted. So off we went to see the King. Turns out it was NOT the toy he wanted but he managed to make a "fun" game out of the toy he got anyway. Some type of piano thing, and it made three different sounds, so Papa and I had to make statements and if they were true we got one sound and if false another. Adam of course won the game, as he most always does.

We decided after church we would watch a movie and have popcorn. We borrowed a movie from Hannah, "Swiss Family Robinson" but she only gave us disc tow so there was no movie to watch, oops.

Adam and I did make a few pirate hats. We are practicing for his upcoming birthday next month. We are thinking a pirate theme instead of a Mario theme.
So that was basically our day today. Nothing spectacular but fun all the same. Tomorrow is church again and because of a "rainy" day we might end up back at Chuck E Cheese again. This time though I am NOT buying pizza, too much $$$.

Good night and Adam says arrrrrrrrrrrr!

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