Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day Sixty One of Super Summer 2011

Day Sixty One of Super Summer 2011

Gotta love when the Chuck E Cheese mouse has all the kids follow him around the place and then gets them all to sit quietly while he teases them with free tickets, that he then throws into the crowd of kids who all dive to get as many as they can. Adam loves this part and was right there in front of the line to make sure he didn;t miss out.

Yes somehow Adam talked me into bringing him and Hannah to Chuck E Cheese today while Dayna had her physical therapy up the road. I as usual read a book while they played and ate pizza.

Hannah and Adam look pretty good together huh?

Adam has no trouble making friends wherever he goes, this was his latest victim, lol
I am pretty proud of myself though I have finally talked Adam into NOT spending his tickets on those silly little throw away trinkets, but to let me save the receipts until he has enough to get a BIG real prize. He already has 1200 tickets saved up. Maybe by this time next year he will have enough for something really great.

I had a visit today with the surgeon who helped remove the excess skin from my belly. I was there with a friend but since I am on my 2 year anniversary I asked for a new photo. I take annual photos with my surgeons. Luckily they both humor me. He looks great by the way, I look rather huge in the photo but really in person I look thinner. I need a real photograph take a picture that actually looks like me. Anyone know anyone? Please???
On that note I am heading to bed. Adam is sleeping overnight with his dad, so no wipe out reruns tonight, wonder if I will be able to sleep? LOL

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