Monday, August 15, 2011

Day Sixty of Super Summer 2011

Day Sixty of Super Summer 2011

Today Adam made us crowns out of glow sticks. Here he is modeling his. They took on many different shapes as the day progressed.

Adam and I cleaned the house today. We have plenty more to do but got more than half done today. He was waiting to go to his dad's today but it never worked out. Sometimes we just don't get what we want I guess.

But we managed to have fun anyway. We had a tickle party after dinner, he thought it was the funniest thing to blow raspberry sounds on my arm. Then we played pictionary. Have I mentioned that Adam is an awesome drawer? And I am not saying that just because I am his Nana either.

After we played the game he had the drawing bug and decided to make several masterpieces. Mostly pirate stuff.

Speaking of pirate stuff he wants a pirate birthday next month, I went looking online for supplies... yikes this stuff is not cheap. He also wants to be Jack Sparrow at Halloween. I personally don;t do Halloween but his dad does, so I am looking for a costume to help with that too. These are things his dad can;t afford so I will try to help out. 

Tomorrow is another day. I am glad about that.

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