Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day Sixty Six of Super Summer 2011

Day Sixty Six of Super Summer 2011

I tell you this blogging at 1am is getting to be NOT much fun. I have got to get home earlier so i can post at a regular hour. It's wonderful having my dad here to visit but all I can say is our schedule for everything is messed up.

After about maybe 6 hours of sleep we all got up and got our butts to church. I always feel better after church. Adam feels better especially if Mike is at church, he just loves Mike. :-)

Then we filled the cars with gas and headed to a birthday BBQ picnic party. Problem with that was the thunderstorms had arrived by the afternoon and it was all rained out, but we went anyway and just stayed indoors.

Next we came back home so Nana could rest before we headed back out for dinner and games at Dayna's again. I made some chicken enchiladas and tossed salad and my sister Erin made macaroni and cheese. We played some progressive rummy but we didn't finish the game. I was too tired and the kids were starting to get a little cranky too. Time to call it a night was agreed on by all.

Tomorrow is the last full day of my dad's visit so hopefully we will make it a good one. If I want to be a part of that though I best get to bed like an hour ago, LOL.

Oh I almost forgot the picture of Adam today was him directing the storm when to flash lightening and to rain harder. He'd raise his hands and just say what he was expecting and then waited for it to happen. I thought is was so cute.

OK Now I am really going to bed, YAWN

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