Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day Forty Nine of Super Summer 2011

Day Forty Nine of Super Summer 2011

Check out these eyes, are they spooky eyes or what? It looks like the Wii has taken away their real eyes and but in these white ones. Ahhhh they are Wipe Out Wii zombies. 

Well Adam finally got to go to Hannah's and get in the pool for a little bit. He also got to play on the trampoline so he got his exercise in for the day.

I picked him up around 5:30 and Hannah decided to come back to our house to play some more with Adam, They had a little picnic dinner in his room while watching WipeOut on his TV. Then they came out in the living room and got the Lego's to try to build a castle for Adam's toy knights. Not sure how that actually worked out, but I do know my bare foot found a nice sharp collection of something Lego to step on. Can we say OUCH!!!

It was then time to make Papa go to bed so they could actually play WipeOut on the Wii. Hannah won 50,000 and the way the two of them screamed you'd think she actually had the cash in her hand.

More birthday cake ice cream for dessert after Hannah went home and now we are ready to call it a night. Nana's stomach is doing flip flops like it got left on the trampoline. I need to go to bed.

Tomorrow of all goes well we should have an outing with Janet. That will be fun for both of us.

Good night all.

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