Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day Fifty One of Super Summer 2011

Day Fifty One of Super Summer 2011

Well today was a good day. We started off slow and really didn't have any real plans. We thought maybe grocery shopping, but turned out we got invited to go to the movies and see "The Smurfs" Smurfabunga is Adam's new word today. Oh boy, Nana is so happy, la la lala la la la lala la la

After the movie we stopped at Hannah's so I could help her with her new iPod, she got one for her birthday today. Double digit birthday=iPod... did you know that? 

Then we headed to church to hear my niece Autumn sing, she was the lead and only woman singer on the worship team tonight and that was a treat. I still want her to try out for American Idol but she is afraid of getting rejected. (sigh) I'm still working on her though.

After church we went to Pizza Hut for dinner. It was Adam, his dad, Papa and Nana. They all ate well me not so much. Pizza is just not my thing anymore. But I still had a good time.

We are home now, Adam has showered and is ready for bed and playing the Wii hopefully to tire himself out. That is still to be determined.

Oh and Adam helped draw a picture that he wanted me to post on the blog today, so I will end the blog with that. Sunday is another day, I hope you found something today that made you smile, and if not just go back to the top of this post and look at Adam's self made cartoon picture again. Good night

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