Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day Forty Eight of Super Summer 2011

Day Forty Eight of Super Summer 2011

Ahhh today well rather tonight we had some DRAMA. I am sad to say there were tears involved. Tears from Adam just break a Nana's heart. But that's later in the day... I'll get to the drama in a moment.

As you can see from the above picture Adam was happy to model the lovely make up job he received from his super dooper green and blue and red popsicle. Doesn't get any better than that on a hot summer day, does it?

Today we had planned on going to Aunt Dayna's to swim with Hannah and Claire but turns out Claire isn't coming until Thursday and Dayna had something to do in the afternoon, and it was supposed to be thunderstorming sometime today. So we decided to hang out around our house today. We watched some TV, played some Mario, he waited patiently, OK not so patiently, while I had my physical therapy, and had a visit with Aunt Dorothy too. 

I think Adam had a hungry day today... let's go over his menu shall we...

Breakfast- TWO Cinnamon waffles with butter and a bowl of watermelon and a cup of chocolate milk
Snack- a snack bag of Dorrito chips
Lunch- TWO grilled cheese sandwiches, and apple, and a cup of apple juice
Snack- a mini snickers bar, 5 starburst chews, 2 more snack bags of chips, a popsicle
Dinner- 6 mini corn dog bites, a banana and a cup of sprite
Snack- a bowl a birthday ice cream, another snack bag of chips and a bowl of applesauce

I am sad to say he is still awake right now and there might still be something still to be eaten. I can not believe how much food this small child can fit in his belly on any given day.

Now you are probably with a wonderful day like this how could there be any drama. Well it all started with the corn dog bites for dinner. Adam was sitting at Papa's desk, playing Monkey Ques, eating his dinner when suddenly I hear a loud "OUCH" What happened Adam? I asked... his loose tooth moved a lot and almost fell out and unfortunately for Adam this caused some pain. Enough pain that the tears were freely falling. 

I looked at the tooth and it somehow twisted over to where his other tooth belonged but was still attached at the top of the gum area. 
But this tooth was NOT willing to come out. We tried wiggling it, biting on a washcloth, numbing it with a ice cube and even a spoon of ice cream. Nothing, nothing but tears from a very sad Adam. We prayed out loud to God and asked Him to take the tooth out of his mouth right NOW. Then we wiggled some more and it felt loose but wouldn't come out. At some point when I was wiggling I managed to get it to fall back into it's own slot in the mouth and the pain stopped. This made me happy. I was able to leave then and go to church like I had planned. There was no leaving when the bubba was crying and needed Nana to hug him.

I got home from church 90 minutes later and Adam was still not crying, and the tooth was still in his mouth. But he had wiggled it back to the other tooth's side again. I told him that I thought this tooth was going to wait until tomorrow to come out.

Of course Adam is telling Nana that he is hungry but what can he eat? That's when I gave him the bowl of applesauce. Well while eating that he started to cough, and wala the tooth fell right out. YAY, Thank You LORD.
Last year Adam lost a tooth while staying with us for the summer. That tooth fell out when no one was looking, we never found that tooth. But we have this one... Looks like the tooth fairy will be stopping by tonight. I told Adam he had better sleep in his room tonight and not on the couch in the living room or she may not find him :-)

So all in all even with the drama we had a great day. Adam wants to say good night by showing you the new smile.

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