Friday, August 12, 2011

Day Fifty Seven of Super Summer 2011

Day Fifty Seven of Super Summer 2011

Today we picked up our ceramic things. Adam finally has his Ninja Turtle figurine. I got a new app on my phone to make some creative photos, notice the black and white background and only the figurine in color? Cool huh?

After we ran our errands today we ended up at Chuck E Cheese, I have been promising a trip there since he got to NY so we finally went today. It was a beautiful day and I would have rather let him play in the park sprinkler pool but he would have nothing of that. He had fun, met some new friends there, he does make friends rather easily. I read 25 chapters of a book on my Kindle app. :-)

We ended the afternoon with a trip to the One Dollar Store where he bought a snorkel, yep a snorkel. Looks like he is wanting to go swimming in Dayna's pool.

Even spending all day with his dad Adam still wanted to spend more time with him. We called and Joe didn't answer, Adam was so sad. He left a message on his voice mail, and just pouted around. Finally at almost 8PM Joe called back, he said he was sleeping. I guess Chuck E Cheese and the almost entire large pepperoni pizza he ate knocked him out cold. Anyway Papa drove Adam over and Adam decided he wanted to sleep over there tonight. Hmm how will I get to sleep tonight without my Adam hug and evening snuggle?

Good thing I bought a new pink long fluffy pillow, I think I'll go hug on that now and pretend it's my bubba.

Good night

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