Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day Forty Seven of Super Summer 2011

Day Forty Seven of Super Summer 2011

Well I ventured out today and drove Adam to his dad's this afternoon. The park had the sprinklers turned on and Adam was super dooper excited about that.
Adam asked if he could play the new game on the computer he heard about when watching the movie Rango- Monkey Quest dot com, so we signed in and he was so excited. But apparently you have to kill bad guys on there and he is a little nervous about that so he only collects bananas and then gets out of the game. He is going to have his dad help him play it. He does love creating his own monkey character though, and he chose the name Luke RustyGizzmo I think. Something like that anyway. If he was here right now I'd ask him.

I've been posting about the Super Summer 0f 2011 and it looks like maybe the summer is going to continue on longer than expected. I think Adam might just stay in New York and live here with his dad for at least a year. So I am not sure how I will end the super summer blog posts... Perhaps I'll have to set up something else to celebrate the year Adam lives with dad.

Crazy times for sure, but this Nana loves Adam so much that knowing he is going to be here close means the world to me.

Adam doesn't know this yet, so don't go telling him. :-)

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karen said...

I'm so excited for you. . .Hope the year turns into a lifetime. What a great little boy--you're doing such a great job of nurturing him. Glad he doesn't want to shoot the bad guys!

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