Monday, August 22, 2011

Day Sixty Seven of Super Summer 2011

Day 67 of Super Summer 2011

Well once again we are out way past our bedtime. It's almost 2am and I am just blogging again. So let's see if I can recap the day and still get to bed in time to get oh maybe 4 hours of sleep.

The day for us actually started at NOON, well for Adam at least. This is what he looked like at 11:30 this morning
Don't you just love how he sleeps with one foot in the air? I actually was worried about him still sleeping that late in the morning and snuck in to make sure he was still breathing. I know that's silly but I couldn't help myself, I worry sometimes.

He got up and decided to have lunch for breakfast since breakfast has already passed us by. I on the other hand was not feeling very good, bad stomach ache so I ended up laying in bed for the afternoon and Adam played the Wii and watched his favorite shows while I tried to feel better.

I did feel better so at about 6PM we headed out to have dinner with my sisters and my dad at the Olive Garden. The picture at the top of the blog was Adam in the car on the way and this picture is Adam at the restaurant, he was just so excited to be there
Actually he really did have a good time, he had macaroni and cheese and ate the whole bowl and I think 4 garlic bread sticks. In this picture he was slouching in the chair trying to look short and small, not sure why his face looks so glum.

After dinner we dropped Papa home because he had a very early start to the day, he had to leave for work at 3:30am, and we went to get a treat before heading back to Dayna's again.
You gotta love ice cream, homemade ice cream too, from the ice cream place. I have been trying to get there for a few days so Adam was very happy. He ate the whole thing too.

Adam and Hannah played cards and on the Wii while the adults played one round of Progressive Rummy. I almost won, but they ganged up on me and I came in second. Oh well, next time I am gonna win for sure.

So that is the re-cap of the day. Other than me being sick (still sick even now but better than earlier) we had a wonderful but very long and late day.

Tomorrow is the last day to see my dad, breakfast at the diner is on the agenda. Maybe I can get the waitress to take a photo of us all at the table tomorrow, I haven't had much of a chance to get pictures while they have been here.

But that's tomorrow, well really today. And if I don't get to bed soon I'll be MIA for the breakfast party.

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